Breaking Par in Golf

Breaking par in golf is the ultimate benchmark. I realized that it is out of the realm of possibility for many players, however other than having a solid game, there is one trait that all top golfers share. These élite players expect to shoot low scores and a desire to continually play better is the corner-stone of great golf. Continue reading

Competition Makes You a Better Golfer!

If you are going to play a sport, then I think it is important to compete from time to time. Competition helps gauge your skill against the competitors of the day and highlights potential flaws in your game. Through the years, I have played in many tournaments. I have won my fair share and each time I compete, I  learn something new.  Continue reading

Sinking Your Shot From The Fairway

The euphoria of sinking a shot from the fairway is difficult to describe. The anticipation as the ball flies towards the target with a chance of going in the hole is awesome. Interestingly, before contact, I think every one of my shots is going in the hole, however it rarely happens. I hit the flag at least 3 or 4 times a year, but I rarely hit my ball in the hole outside of 20 yards. But apparently, others have had greater success. Continue reading

Is Power Everything in Golf?

Dustin Johnson is starting to demonstrate that he is the dominant player in golf, again. His 8 stroke win last weekend at the Sentry Tournament of Champions (and 65 on the last day) was a marvel. Everyone is talking about his near albatross on the 430-yard par-4 12th hole Sunday because of the power and accuracy he is able to generate. Without question, Johnson’s power offers him a distinct advantage over the rest of the field. However, I am not convinced that power is really why he won. Continue reading