A Friend is Honoured By Volleyball Nova Scotia

In the past, I had the great fortune of being introduced to a fantastic coach and teacher. Morgan Snow was a volleyball coach in rural Nova Scotia who constantly developed fantastic volleyball players and overall nice young women and men. My daughter played under his tutelage and a went on to play University volleyball and Nipissing in North Bay, Ontario. Morgan has touched the lives of many a young volleyball player and was finally recognized for his outstanding guidance to the volleyball and local community. Congratulations Morgan!

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Guessing the Distance Needed To Land My Chip

So, you are standing 15 yards off the green and the pin is short sided. You select your club and then have to figure out where to land the ball so it will release to the hole. It is a decision that we golfers make at least a dozen times a round (give or take a few). The trick is ‘do you have a process’ or do you just guess the distance?

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It is December First – You Know What That Means!

With only 24 days to go, most golfers have a gift list longer than their driver. There never seems to be a shortage of new gimmicks, training aids and solid must have items. It is a wonderland paradise that sets most golfers dreaming of golf balls in their heads. Today is the day that I start to make a very small list of golf equipment for my loved ones. That way, the pressure to find that perfect golf gift is off them and me. What an exciting time of year!!!

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Playing Golf at the Next Level

Every golf I know wants to play better! I am not sure if it is golf thing or I have plenty of competitive friends. Personally, I always want to play better. Except for a few fun rounds, I want to shoot by best golf of the year. Of course this does not happen often, but every once in awhile it happens. Regardless, I always have the desire to play golf at the next level! And as many of you know, I actively take steps to improve; it is the way I roll!

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Looking at a Golf Training Aid – Need Advice

I am looking at some training aids for my long off-season for indoor use in my garage. I have an Orange Whip and thought to add this golf training aid to the mix. So, my question is pretty straight forward:

Any thoughts?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!