So, Whats Next?

If you ever watched the TV series ‘West Wing’, you will easily recognize the title of this article. This statement is made every time President Bartlett is ready to move onto a new topic. He is either tired of the old one or has spent enough time thinking or worrying about it. Well, I feel that way about many topics in golf; I like to change because I am tired of the conversation, have no solution, or another topic is more important to at that time. So, Whats Next? Continue reading

Monday’s Golf Thought of the Day

I generally try to write my own material. I think that is what makes The Grateful Golfer unique and hopefully interesting for the readers. Yesterday, I stumbled across this tweet and it really struck home for me. It really made me think and ponder its validity. So, here I offer Monday’s Golf Thought of the Day. Continue reading

Hoping For A Change in Your Golf Score

Practice is important to lower golf scores.

Our golf score is really the bench mark for how well we perform on the course. Naturally, that score is a bit deceiving from time to time, but overall it is what golfers talk about after their round. The first question at the 19th hole is “What did you shoot?” Of course most golfers downplay they score and explain that they left at least 3 strokes on the course. Now, fast forward a week and the same conversation is occurring between the same players, with the same results. Now is that not the definition of insanity?  Continue reading

Lest We Forget

Lest We Forget


Every year,  November 11 is a special day to Canadians.  Today, we take the time to honor the fallen, wounded and serving military men, women and their families. Their sacrifices have allowed for the freedoms we enjoy today.  It is important to give thanks and be grateful for our wonderful lives they protect. Continue reading

What Size is Your Putter Grip?

In the past 10 years or so, golf equipment has changed dramatically. The technological advancements are staggering and I find it difficult to keep up with all the changes. A quick look at shows that 90 new clubs were released in 2017. Of course this number is spread across all the manufacturers, but that is a ridiculous number! In the mix of all this change over the years, smaller, less noticeable changes occurred and one of them was the size of the putter grip. This might seem like an inconsequential change, but I think this ‘behind the scene’ difference is a game changer. Continue reading