Opening Your Golf Mind

Golf is as much a mental game as a physical one. If you have played even one round, you will immediately understand that how we mentally approach and prepare each shot is as (some would say more) important important as hitting the golf ball. After many of my early years of focusing on my physical game, I took a different fork in my golf journey and this change shaped the player I am today. It was unexpected, yet I was not surprised. Opening my golf mind to different possibilities was definitely a turning point in my game.

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Picking Out The Perfect Target Line

Picking out the perfect target line is an art. Many, inexperienced golfers, think that aiming down the middle of the open sight line is the always the proper line. Experience tells me that this is rarely the case and a more discerning approach to selecting the perfect target line is required. I have learned this nugget for years of falsely believing that the fattest spot of my sight line was the safest. Boy, was I mistaken. Picking out the perfect target line is all about one thing and one thing only. Read on to find out!

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Growing Tired Of Golfing The Same Way

Many players are challenged to break their golf habits. I know I sure am, however there comes a time where every golfer has to decide their future and what direction they plan to take with respect to their game. They either dial it up or dial it back depending on their life situation and what their future plans they expect to achieve. They may not like the fact that a decision must be made and they try to avoid it, yet all golfers come to that fork and have to live with their choices. It is all part of every golfer’s journey.

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An Interesting Golf Tip Focusing on Your Grip

The root of many golfers woes starts with the grip. I know I am still challenged from time to time with a short thumb. As a seasoned golfer, this challenge becomes lessened by the fact that I have a very well established pre-shot routine. Wait, what is short thumb with respect to your grip, that is a great question. Take a look:

This video will give me something to think about during my offseason practice. Since this video applies to my game, I thought it might apply to yours.

Enjoy your Saturday and remember to be grateful.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Forgetting How To Hit Golf Shots

Have you ever played yourself into a situation where a unique golf shot was required. You have made this shot before, but for some reason your cannot recall how. This season I came across a couple of instances where I had to rethink my shot because I could not remember how to make the shot I want. I realize that this seems a bit on the crazy side, but my trouble shot was a rare one, but it was a shot I made in the past.

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