Lucky Bounces… or Not!

Golf is a game where an inch here or there makes all the difference. As a golfer, we call these lucky or unlucky bounces. They can bring elation or despair depending on the results. It is impossible for me to count the number of wayward shots that resulted in positive results and, conversely, the same for negative results. Call it karma, divine intervention or a fluke, these bounces are a part of golf. And yesterday on the 9th hole at Osprey Links Golf Course is a perfect example of what I am talking about. Continue reading

Do You Use All Your Wedges or Just Carry Them?

The rules of golf allow each player to carry 14 clubs. Because of this limitation, selecting the right clubs for my game is critical to low golf scores. Repeatedly, I have espoused that my short game is where my scoring resides and I believe that is the same for everyone. Therefore, years ago, I chose to take out my 5 wood and replace it with a 60º gap wedge. It is a decision I do not regret. This resulted in carrying 4 wedges when I play, but more importantly, I consistently use all 4 wedges. Do you? Continue reading

Playing Golf in Groups

I like playing golf both in a group and on my own. I find each composition or combination of players adds its own dynamic to the game. Obviously, in a scramble format, multiple players are needed and desired to make up a team. And depending on the personalities, that team could play very well together or not. Lately, my teams have met with some success on the podium, but mostly our dynamics is what has made each round better and more fun than the last.

Having said that, there is nothing like walking a solo round of golf early in the morning with my thoughts and the sound of nature. It is quite invigorating.  Continue reading

Golf Game – Vegas Scramble

I enjoy playing golf games during Men’s Night. Last Wednesday, I played Vegas Scramble for the first time in my golfing career. Funny thing is, the very next day I played Vegas Scramble again for senior men’s day. What was interesting was that after using the same rules, we had different results. It is a fun game, but only if the dice are rolling your way! Continue reading

Infographic – Visual Chipping Cues

This is a follow-up post from earlier today. It is an infographic on Visual Chipping Cues. The infographic provided is an overview of how I use visual chipping cues to lower my golf score. If you want more information, please read the previous article titled – Visual Cues for Better Chipping. Continue reading