The Open Predictions

With two days to go, it is time to update your Open Predictions. Previously played at the Royal Birkdale nine times, this years event appears to have no dominant favorite. I am sure if you read the power ratings, the top golfers in the world are ranked high as potential winners, but I am not entirely sure this will be the case. Continue reading

Playing Early Bird Golf

Early bird golf is great fun. It provides an opportunity to be one with nature, think about your game, and enjoy the awesome surroundings as the sun peaks over the trees. It is my favorite time of the day to play and is the worth effort to get up early. There is something else that many players overlook and should actually be part of their early bird routine if they get a chance. Continue reading

Does Good Putting Make a Difference in Golf

If you ask any pundit, they will recommend every golfer to practice putting. It is a game changer and considered the great equalizer. Most days, I would agree with that statement, however yesterday I found that my putting let me down. I did not three putt at all, but for some reason, I could not get the ball to drop. Continue reading

Great Golfing Advice From Grateful Golfers

One of the awesome things I like about The Grateful Golfer is my plan to willingness to freely share all things golf. I think it is important to be open to suggestions and sage advice of other players/readers who have experienced some of the same golfing issues. It is these helpful people who expand my knowledge about and understanding about golf. They also aid in my continuing quest to increase my knowledge of this fun sport.

Continue reading

Listening to Your Inner Golfer

Who do you listen to on the golf course? Your buddies who are no better than you or some stranger who thinks they know the game? When you are selecting a club to hit a baby draw into a tight pin, who do you rely on to provide guidance or sage advice? If you do not know the answer to this question and are routinely puzzled by the answer, then maybe you need to look at your golf game differently. Continue reading