What Makes a Memorable Round of Golf

What makes a memorable round of golf? This is a tough question for most amateurs because the answer is limitless. A memorable round of golf is so subjective that defining just one idea only cheapens all the other experiences. Personally, I have experienced many memorable rounds and to narrow it down to just one is almost impossible. Can you do it? Continue reading

New Golf Rules Are Coming

In March 2017, the governing bodies of golf released the draft rules for the golfing world to peruse. After some feedback, they will make the final announcement in the spring of 2018 with the new rules becoming law on 1 January 2019. The changes are significant and in some cases, not so much. Reading the recent addition of the Golf Canada Magazine, they outlined 5 specific rules I thought were worth discussing. Continue reading

Golf Equipment: Which Driver is Best for You

Selecting the proper golf equipment for your game is tantamount to low golf scores. Ill-fitted clubs causes a loss of distance, accuracy issues, and inconsistency in your game. This is especially true for the longer clubs. Over the past 1.5 years, I have experienced the exact problem with my driver after I was fitted with my current Titleist 915 and have never hit it well. (On a side note, all my other fitted clubs are awesome) I am positive it is not a mental issue, but the fact the driver does not fit my game. Continue reading

My Rising Handicap

The Governing Body of Golf In Canada.

The handicap is the golf’s measuring stick. Many casual players do not go through the effort to establish one because it has no bearing on their game. For more serious golfers, like me, establishing a handicap is important as it helps me gauge my play at any given time and provides a tangible goal to pursue. Additionally, it is important to establish a handicap through golf’s governing body if you want to play in tournaments at the local, provincial, or national level. And yet, establishing a handicap early in the season can be damaging to a golfer’s ego, so why go through the frustration? Continue reading

Crazy Golf Rules

This is just a crazy golf rule that I had to share. It is a cut and paste from BarDown website. I take no credit for the original reporting, but I just had to share it!

Bizarre rule leads to golfer having to strip down and jump into a lake!

Water Hazard

Water Hazard

Wednesday, during the NCAA Baton Rouge Regional, Jacksonville golfer David Wicks found out just how serious tournament officials are about certain rules, no matter the circumstances. After hitting a putt close to the pin on the 13th hole, Wicks picked his ball, placed it in his pocket and put down his marker. Moments later, Wicks went to check his scorecard causing him to accidentally drop his ball off his shoe. The ball ended up rolling into the drink, meaning that unless Wicks was able to retrieve his ball, he would face a penalty shot.

So Wicks did what any good team player would do…he took his clothes off and jumped into the lake.

“Wicks stripped down to his underwear and dove in with a five-minute time limit. “David probably found 20 balls in the stretch of five minutes, but he never could find his,” said Blackburn. “It was just a stroke of bad luck. After the five minute period ended the rules officials gave him a two-stroke penalty, which really could’ve hampered our comeback. But David rebounded, finishing the day with five straight pars to keep us in the race.” (JUDolphins.com)

While we understand that rules are rules, that rule just seems a bit silly. Careful of mistakes on the golf course…some can cause you to have to jump in a lake.

(H/T: FTW USA Today)

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