An Interesting Chipping Game to Lower Your Scores

Jeff Hutchinson demonstrating his chipping prowess!

We talk about how important our short game is to low golf scores. Being able to successfully hit out of trouble is a game saver. I am always trying to find new and fun ways to improve my short game without having the stress of focusing on form.

Sometimes the best way to learn the skill of chipping is to just do it! I think of other sports and realize that everyone had some sort of game attached to the practice. For example, in basketball we played HORSE, around the world, blind 21, and king of the world. All of these games helped improve my shooting and foot work while having fun. I think golf needs more of this…..wait, maybe there is something! Continue reading

Changing Your Swing To Hit the Ball Hard

Teeing off on the Par 5 16th hole at Osprey Links Golf Course.

There are times when I need (want) to grip it and rip it! I am feeling good and want to press my advantage and hit the ball that extra 20 yards. Generally, this happens on the par 5s because I want to get home in 2.

This is when I take advice of ‘Tin Cup’ and set up to let the big dog eat! It is interesting that I feel I need to change something to gain that extra distance, and generally with little success. I wonder if I am doing something wrong?  Continue reading

Congratulations to Brooke Henderson

Winning her 6th tournament in her short career, Brooke Henderson continues to prove she is a current and future star of the LPGA.

Congratulations on winning the LOTTE Championship in Ko Olina, Oahu, Hawaii.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Pressing Your Advantage In Match Play

Playing in golf tournaments is great fun. I like all kinds of formats, but the game that has the most strategy is Match Play. There is always an element of mind games that never goes away. Depending on the how many strokes I give away (I have only received 1 stroke in the past 10 years) sets the stage on how I play the round. But, one aspect of my strategy rarely changes, when to press my advantage. Continue reading