Book Review: Coil/Strike

The Details:

Coil/Strike – A Revolutionary, Enlightened Approach to Improving Your Golf Game

ISBN: 9781642371673
ISBN: 9781642373691
eISBN: 9781642371697
Published Date: July 20th, 2018
Copyright: Phairway Phil
Page/Size: 200 pages 7×10 English
Publisher: Gatekeeper Press
Address: 2167 Stringtown Rd. Suite 109
City: Columbus, OH
Zip Code: 43123-2989
Phone: 866-535-0913

My Review:

One of the fun aspects of The Grateful Golfer is when I am asked to review new golf books. Before all my treatments started, Phairway Phil asked if I would review his ‘manifesto’ to offer my opinion on his new methodology of teaching golf. His intent is to offer experienced players an unique and revolutionary approach to improving their golf swing through innovative analysis of the different swing segments.  Continue reading

I am Grateful!

As I navigate my journey to recovery, I am constantly overwhelmed by the unwavering support by my friends and family. And today is no different!

My friend Serge surprised me with this show of support by him and his curling team!

On August 23, I completed my stem cell infusion. Since, I have journeyed slowly on the road to recovery. As a cancer survivor for the second time, I can categorically say that support, no matter how large or small, is helpful beyond measure!

Thank you Serge and your curling team. I am truly overhelmed!

I am a greateful golfer! See you on the links!

Walking Off The Golf Course!

I rarely walk off the golf course. However, every now and again I just get the feeling it is time to go. So, I pack up my clubs and off I go. If I am playing with someone, I wait until the end of the nine before making an excuse to leave. This is very rare for me to leave, but it does happen. Continue reading

Golf’s Season Ending Routine

With the end of my golf season just around the corner, I am thinking about some of the many things I need to do to protect my clubs. As my sticks enter their long winters nap, I think it only fitting that I give them a good scrubbing to knock off the dirt. Actually, I think this is just natural, but after my poll, I see that this is not really the case. Continue reading

Double Hitting My Golf Ball

During my last round of golf, I double hit my golf ball. I was off the 9th green about 15 yards and setting up for a pitch shot. My ball was buried a bit in the grass, but not so deep that I had to change my shot. So I set everything up, started my swing, and double tap. I hit my ball twice and was 17 yards from the green when all was done. Needless to say, I hung my head low, walked over to my ball and hit on the green about 25 feet from the pin. I was very disappointed! Continue reading