What Causes Your Downfall on the Golf Course?


Hitting from the cabbage!

As amateur golfers it does not take much to change our golf game. I guess the same is for the professionals, but I would suggest they are better equipped to avoid those defining moments. It does not take much in some cases to change our attitude, confidence or comfort from good too bad. Likely the opposite is true, but I find fall into the abyss is easier than climbing out.

Understanding our swing mechanics is helps redefine out focus if things are heading south, yet I believe it is not the real challenge. Generally, our swing mechanics remain constant throughout a round of golf. Of course, the better the golfer, the more consistent. But overall, focusing on swing mechanics is a rabbit hole that does not prevent the slide in the wrong direction. Continue reading

Sharing Golf’s Ultimate Secret

Golf is a funny sport. There seems to be the air of confusion that there is one ultimate golf secret that will fix anyone’s game. Research will show that ‘many men at the top of the mountain’ have the sage answer. Of course it is in the form of a riddle and you can decipher his ramblings your golf game will magically be amazing. Continue reading

There is Talk of The Masters Already!

maxresdefaultThe first major is only 50 days away and the pundits are already starting to talk about who is hot and who is not. They circle like vultures in anticipation for the first chink in the top players’ game. The win by Jordan Spieth at Pebble Beach seems to have vaulted him to the top of the likely winners at Augusta.

Personally, I think it is a bit early for such a prediction, however being mid-February; the media has to start building the hype about something. Spieth’s play was impressive last weekend, but unfortunately the growing trend of ‘streaky players’ points to a different way to possibly pick a winner. Continue reading

Buying a New Putter

Putt Centre

My 20-year-old putter.

Buying a new putter is something I have thought about for some time. My current putter is about 20 years old and I think the inset face is starting to break down. I was feeling an inconsistency off the face that I will have to look at this spring.

I like this putter because it is a toe-balanced blade with a center shaft mount. It is heavier than most putters and has served me well through the years. Additionally, and more importantly, it fits my eye very well.

I have tried all types of putters at the golf store, but none pop out at me when making contact. I seem to put the same with all types and weights, however this controlled environment is not really a great place to test a new club. I wish I could take a demo putter out on the course, but unfortunately my course does not have such a service. Continue reading