Ripping the Band-aid Off

I remember as a kid the pain I endured when having to remove a band-aid from a cut. In days past, the adhesive used was akin to crazy glue and once it was on your skin, it was near impossible to get off. So I would slowly, painstakingly, remove the band-aid and endure the excruciating pain (or at least as a kid it was excruciating). That was of course, until my mother showed me another solution. Ripping that sucker off in a flash! It was extremely painful, but only lasted for a couple of seconds!

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March Madness and Golf

The round of 64 is finished at this years NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship. The games were exciting and as always there were a few upsets. One thing I notice this year is that most of the top ranked teams made it through to the round of 32. It seems that the selection committee is faring well this year. Continue reading

Never Forget Your Golf Roots

When is enough? If we are always searching, are we ever really satisfied with our golf game? If you read the biographies of great people, they all have one thing in common: they never stopped searching. They were always on the lookout for some better way to do something, to improve something, or to invent something. Their tenacity or quest to improve never stopped.

Great golfers are the same way. Players like Gene Sarazen, Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus or Tiger Woods were always searching for that one skill to give them the edge over their opponent. As they continued on their journey to improvement, they reach dizzying heights most people see as out of their reach. They should be commended for showing us the way, but their quest of improvement also had one common theme: they never forgot their roots. Continue reading