How Was Your First Round Of The 2023 Golf Season?

Yesterday I hit the links for my first full round of golf with my modern clubs. As I walked to the first tee, I felt the overwhelming joy I feel every year when I start my golf season. For this round I decided to just have fun by focusing on my score, the lower the better.😂 Okay, back to reality – I decided to just swing away and let the ball go where it may. And it did travel with a mind of its own! I played okay, but did not break any records.

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The 2023 PGA Championship Predictions

The second Major of the 2023 professional golf season is underway. Hosted at Oak Hill Country Club, this course was founded 122 years ago in 1901. This will be the 13th major golfing event hosted by this historic venue. Measured at approximately 7400 yards, it will take a player with a full compliment of abilities to tame this beast. We know who the favourites are (Scheffler and Rahm), but are there any other players who might rise up and challenge the arguably two best players in professional golf? With four days of difficult golf to play, any player starting today has a chance to claim the top spot on the leaderboard on Sunday.

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Feeling My Golf Game Fizzle Away

Yesterday I hit the links at my home course for the first time in 2023. The weather was forecasted to be cold and wet, but I was determined to play anyway. After coaching baseball, I rushed to the golf course trying to get ahead of the rain. Unfortunately, that was folly and it started to drizzle as I unpacked my gear. I was determined to play and start my season off with a resounding bang. Well, that was the plan anyway!

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Breaking 80 Consistently On the Golf Course

There are many different strategies for breaking the various milestones in golf. The one I want to talk about today is breaking 80 consistently. I chose this benchmark because it fits my game for the start of my 2023 season. I always want to break 80 when playing any golf course. It is my target score that helps me develop my course management strategy. To break 80 consistently, there are several aspects of my game that I need hone. My process is fairly straight forward as it was developed over years of practice.

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Well Finally! It Happened!

My home course opened last Friday. My golf season is officially underway! Due to life things, I am not able to head out until tomorrow. I have some coaching duties to finish up and lots of yard work still awaiting my attention. Regardless, once tomorrow hits, I will be in full swing and plan to play 3 or 4 times a week. In those periods, I will be using my hickory sticks. I also plan to track my scores separately between my modern and my vintage clubs. I am not expecting much at the beginning of the season, however this year I plan to play some new tracks just for fun. But that is not all!


Every year I have great intentions to play different golf courses. This year, I plan to make it happen. I want to play at least 10 different tracks different from my home course. Due to the limited availability of some courses in my area, I will play some courses from the past, but different from the Mattawa Golf and Ski Resort. As I have mention in a recent article, I have played the Cambridge Golf Club this year, so now I am down to nine different courses.

Traditionally, I play most of my golf at my home course. This will not change this year, but I want to play other tracks to challenge my game. I find that my game becomes stagnate by playing the same course over and over. Anyway, it will be something I want to achieve this year.

I prepared my golf clubs two weeks ago in hopes that opening day would come sooner. But alas, the weather did not cooperate. With Mattawa Golf and Ski Resort opening, I can scoot out and play a quick nine holes at any time. Being only 10 minutes to the golf course is very convenient. This is the main reason I decided to change home courses two years ago. The extra time is great to have and I am thrilled that the course is open.

As I sit here writing this article, I am visualizing my round of golf tomorrow. It is standard to think about my round before playing, which pays off with lower golf scores. My golf season has started and if you cannot tell, I am excited to hit the links. More to follow on my first round….

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!