Seven Things to Remember When Swinging A Golf Club

When first learning to swing a golf club, there are hundreds of things beginners try to remember. The amount of white noise rattling around in their head is a constant source of distraction, frustration and knowledge. For many would be golfers, breaking down this information is very important to improving and really enjoying the game. Continue reading

Playing With Hickorys

Hickorys rule.

Over the years, especially at the Toronto Golf Show, I have encountered hickory shafted golf clubs. Although I have never swung one, they provide a glimpse into the history of golf. I think that before I am done playing, I will try and play a round of golf with hickory shafted golf clubs. But that is a discussion for another day.

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How Important is Your Follow Through in Golf

There are few things in golf that I consider a constant. One is keeping my head still during all of my golf swings and another is to watch my club make contact with the ball. These all seem very basic and natural to a seasoned player, but they are lessons I must relearn from time to time. Another constant for a successful golf swing is my follow through. The reason it is so important is that it is my first indicator that I have trouble with my golf swing. Continue reading

Solhiem Cup 2017

The Solheim Cup has finally arrived. It is women’s golf answer to the Ryder Cup. In my opinion, it is every bit exciting.

The 2017 Solheim Cup will be hosted at Des Moines Golf and Country Club, Iowa, August 14 – 20, 2017.

The Solheim Cup is a biennial tournament contested by teams of 12 players representing Europe and the United States. The inaugural Solheim Cup was staged in 1990 and the golf club manufacturer Karsten Solheim was instrumental in its introduction and why it is called the Solheim Cup..

2017 will be the 15th match and of the 14 matches contested, the United States have won 9 and Europe have won 5. Solheim Cup

However, I think the LPGA should develop an event similar to the President’s Cup because Canadian Brooke Henderson deserves to play on the world stage, but that is a discussion for another day!  Continue reading

Tee It Up for Mattawa Healthcare Charity Golf Tournament

Tee It Up for Mattawa Healthcare” charity golf tournament is on 23 August 2017. This is my first of four golf tournaments over the next three weeks and it starts on Tuesday, 22 August 2017, with a practice round at Mattawa Golf & Ski Resort.

My connection to this wonderful charity event stems from my darling Mother in Law, Beatrice. Bea is a fantastic person who now resides in the Algonquin Nursing Home. Her care is first-rate and the staff exceed all expectations. A big shout out to all the healthcare providers in Mattawa, you a doing a fantastic job. Thank you.

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