Chipping Tip From Rory McIlroy

As I research possible golf shots I would like to incorporate into my game, I sometimes come across a shot I kind of have, but need to improve. This is the case with a chipping tip from Rory McIlroy. The ‘one hop stop’ short chip shot is something I work on through the course of my golf season. I find this shot very useful and often wonder why my percentage of success is much lower than I want or expect. Well, I found out why thanks to a short video by Rory.

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Wishing Tiger Woods A Healthy Recovery

Since Tiger Woods’ car accident two days ago, the golfing world / sporting world held their breath wondering how serious his accident really was. I purposely stayed out of the conversation and did not speculate on anything relating to Woods’ lastest setback. Today, I just want to send Tiger positive healing thoughts and wish him a healthy recovery. It is really a challenge to express how fragile life really is and to think of the scope of this situation.


If You Could Teach One Golf Rule of Etiquette

There are many unwritten rules in golf that are lumped into the term of etiquette. This seems to be a catchall term that enhances the golfing experience. If followed properly, great fun can be had on the links; if ignored, the four hours of bliss feel like torture! This might seem over the top, but I assure you it is not. I often wonder how some players learned the concept of etiquette because on the surface they seem to understand the concept, but as the day progresses it is obvious that their time on the links is all about them and them only.

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An Update On Keeping The Crease

A few days ago I offered a simple tip by Tom Watson on ‘Keeping the Crease’ through your golf swing. What Watson suggests about keeping a slight hip flex during the backswing and forward to release seems, at least on the surface, to be an easy thing to do. Two days ago, I headed out to my DIY driving net in my garage (because the temperatures are warmer) in attempts to replicate keeping the crease.

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Resurgence In Your Golf Game

If you have played golf for any period of time, you will no doubt have entered into a lull in your game. For some reason, you swing is gone, your course management skills are waning, and you have not had a lucky bounce in an eon! Then suddenly, your game comes back and you suddenly feel like you can do nothing wrong. As fate would have it, that is not really what I consider as a resurgence in your game, it is the ebb and flow of playing golf. So what do I consider as a resurgence? That is a great question, read on to be enlightened!

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