Currently Not Thinking About Golf

The month before the holidays is a very slow one for me with respect to thinking about golf. I am feverishly finishing tasks that include outdoor and indoor work so we can enjoy the holiday season. Because life things are happening, I spend very little time thinking about golf; it is my winter lull so to speak. This does not mean that golf is losing its shine for me, it just means that with snow on the ground and the holiday season almost in full bloom, the luster is a bit clouded. So, I am not currently thinking about golf.

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Stopping Golf’s Paralyzing Madness Of Indecision

Golf is a game of decisions. As an amateur, professional or somewhere in between, each players is confronted with choices that cause anxiety. The anxiety is not rooted in failure, but in the multitude of choices ones faces for every shot. Yes, there are players that grab the same club for most shots because they have confident that they can hit it well regardless of the lie, distance, or position in the general playing area. That approach is a choice as well and as we all know is wrought with pitfalls. In other cases golfers over think their shot and that leads to ‘analysis paralysis’. Regardless of the category you fall under, indecision becomes the root of most miss shots or is it?

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Loosening Up Your Core To Play Better Golf

If you do not loosen up your body before playing golf there is a chance that you will not feel comfortable over the ball for 3 or 4 holes. This is definitely the case for my game when I am running late and arrive at the course just a few minutes before teeing off. Even when I am early enough to loosen up my muscles, I sometimes go through the motion and really forget which muscles need to be activated before hitting my golf ball. My half effort of limbering up does cause challenges and can easily be rectified. Additionally, when stretching I sometimes forget to engage my core and lower half of my body which again causes challenges when playing the first few holes of my round. Short of focusing better, I found a video that will help improve my pre-game routine.

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The Right Time To Play Golf For Your Game

I do not know about you, but I am a morning person. I enjoy getting up at oh-dark-30 and experiencing the morning sunlight spread joy effortlessly to the world. As a golfer, when the sun is shining we are ready to play. I understand that there are exceptions, but I choose to stay in my nirvana for as long as possible. My affinity for mornings also transcends into my golf game where I have enjoyed the rounds most when playing in the early morning. The serenity of looping a golf course with very little sensory interruptions (except for nature of course) I actually feel my game and relish that for a few stolen moments I am in my bliss. Unfortunately, this zen type scenario does not always equate into my best scores. Actually, it rarely does and the morning glory is not best for my scores!

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The Perfect Golf Swing

I just watch Lydia Ko hit a golf ball in slow motion. Is this not a perfect golf swing? You cannot get the turn on the ball like Ko without training!

I thought I would share.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!