Fighting the Urge to Change for the Sake of Changing

It is that time again, Mid January / Early February. I get in my head and start to think about what I need to change to get ready for the 2020 golf season. Unfortunately, I am like a hamster spinning a wheel in my mind, but never really accomplishing much. It is a difficult time for many golfers in the northern climes and one I try to temper!


My DIY Indoor Driving Net

Well, after long last, I had a few hours to build my article regarding my indoor driving net. It is something I have always wanted and I used it for the first time on 22 December. Since I have only used it a couple of times, but come February I will be trying to use it daily. Regardless, the following are my adventures of building my indoor net.

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Measuring Distances By Walking

This is not a new topic, but I do have a bit of different twist to the answer. Playing old school, before all the electronic devices showed up, means walking of all distances from a yardage marker. The longest distance I ever measured was 75 yards and that is because I could only find the blue 200 yard marker. The white and red markers were missing. So, not to be denied I paced off 75 steps, leaving 125 yards to the middle of the green. Makes sense….right?

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Wishing Does Not Create a Solid Golf Game; It is All About Deliberate Practice!

When I first had the idea for this article, I thought about the 10000 hour rule. For those not familiar, it was made famous by Malcolm Gladwell in his book “Outliers”. However, I found out that it is a theory first started with an article in American Scientist by Herbert Simon and William Chase. I was going to talk about putting in time and now my article has morphed in to writings about “deliberate practice”. Read on and be amazed 😉

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Can You Shape Your Golf Shot at Will?

I was watching some golf clips yesterday and notice that most professionals have fantastic control on how they shape the ball. It seems that most focus on using a draw, but the real great players have control of how far and how much shape they put on the ball. Personally, I hit the ball straight most of the time and rarely try to shape the ball. It is a skill I have, but not something I rely on because it is not as effective as I need to score well. Having said that, can you shape your golf shot at will?

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