Are You a Fair Weather Golfer?

Lately, the weather has not help my game as the course is very wet. If we receive 3 days of sun in a row, we are very lucky. It is during those sunny days that most of us flock to the course in attempts to play as much golf as possible. I am not against playing in the rain, but even I have limits.

Friday morning until about 1 pm, it had rained on and off, but I held out hope that the weather would cooperate. In the afternoon, I played the weather game and hit the course because the forecast called for sunny skies. As I drove to the course, I thought the sun might peek out from behind the clouds, but that hope ended up being folly.

I am not sure this is true!

Three of us had arranged to play at 3 pm and as I bolted from work, I was looking forward to playing 18 holes. On my way to the course one of my friends texted that it was too wet for him and he decided to stay home; I presume to watch golf. (Fair weather golfer 😉 ) But, my other playing partner showed and we hit the links.

Sometimes stopping in the rain is the smart thing to do.

As we walked to the first tee, the skies started to open. At first we thought it was going to be a light sprinkle; well that changed after we teed off. The rain was coming down hard, but we still held out hope it would let up. As we finished the first hole (both playing well), we made the smart decision to play the 9th hole and head in. For fun we switched drivers and both of us were quite happy with the results considering the weather.

We finished the 9th hole, still playing well, but it was time to go home. We were already soaked and even though we were happy with our play, the rain was coming down just too hard to continue. Many times the good play would coerce us to continue, but today was not that day. After packing my equipment into my car, the skies really opened up. When I saw that, I was very happy with our decision. After getting home and making a coffee, I smiled as I looked outside to see the rain still coming down in buckets. The rain lasted for about 2 hours and I know that if we had stayed, the fun of the initial 2 holes would have quickly worn off.

I do not consider myself a fair weather golfer. I am comfortable playing in the rain and sometimes relish it because it prepares me for tournaments. However, like my friend Serge said earlier Friday morning, “I do not mind playing in the rain, but I hate starting that way.” I have to agree with Serge and Friday was not the day to play in the rain.

Do you mind playing in the rain?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

10 thoughts on “Are You a Fair Weather Golfer?

  1. My rain suit is always in my bag ready to go but there is a limit to my madness. I’ve played through many a shower, but Florida is known not only as the sunshine state, but also the lightening capitol of the world. There are times when it’s just not safe to be out playing.
    Barring lightening, my glasses are the deciding factor for me. If I can still see, then it’s not too wet to play. This time of year, even though the game is harder in the wet, I welcome the break from the heat.


  2. Jim, I don’t mind playing in showery weather but hard driving rain sucks. The sooner you can adjust your routine to managing all the additional tasks required for wet weather play the better off you’ll be. For me that means getting my rain gloves on so I don’t have to worry about keeping my clubs dry, just myself.

    Hope it clears for you soon!


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