No Toronto Golf and Travel Show This Year!

I am sad to say that I will not be attending the Toronto Golf and Travel Show this year. It is “the largest golf event in Canada bringing thousands of golf enthusiasts together. Features hundreds of exhibitors, product demonstrations from the top brands in golf and lessons from PGA of Ontario professionals all weekend!” It is an annual trip that has become a milestone for the start of my golf season. Unfortunately, weather is preventing me from making the trip. Continue reading

Are You a Fair Weather Golfer?

Lately, the weather has not help my game as the course is very wet. If we receive 3 days of sun in a row, we are very lucky. It is during those sunny days that most of us flock to the course in attempts to play as much golf as possible. I am not against playing in the rain, but even I have limits.

Friday morning until about 1 pm, it had rained on and off, but I held out hope that the weather would cooperate. In the afternoon, I played the weather game and hit the course because the forecast called for sunny skies. As I drove to the course, I thought the sun might peek out from behind the clouds, but that hope ended up being folly. Continue reading

Do You Wear a Golf Glove?

I do not wear a golf glove. I wore one about 25 years ago, but broke the habit of and cannot remember why. It is not necessarily a bad thing, but the more I look around the golf course, the more I see that I am in the minority.

I am not trying to buck the system; nor am I a rebel, but I do not see the value of wearing a glove while I play golf. Additionally, if it is so valuable, why do players remove it when putting? Shouldn’t a golf glove be important for all shots? Continue reading

It Never Rains on the Golf Course!


Just a bit wet at Osprey Links Golf Course!

Last Friday, I was grateful to have my nephew Darwin drop into town for a quick 18 holes. We had planned this outing for a while, but never seemed to find the right time. Finally, we made the plan and he drove up early in the morning because we had a 7:30 am tee off. The only thing we did not count on was the rain.

Ever the optimist, I told Darwin not to worry because it never rains on the golf course. I told him that I had watched the weather forecast and we were good to go…..well, famous last words. Continue reading