My 2018 Golf Season is Officially Over

The time is finally arrived for me to officially put away my golf clubs for another golf season. On Friday, my friend Blair and I hit Osprey Links for the last time. It was a chance opportunity because the temperature rose to 14 degrees Celsius with no rain, but wind gusts to 60 kpm. It was a blustery day, but a great way to finish my 2018 season. Continue reading


Book Review: Coil/Strike

The Details:

Coil/Strike – A Revolutionary, Enlightened Approach to Improving Your Golf Game

ISBN: 9781642371673
ISBN: 9781642373691
eISBN: 9781642371697
Published Date: July 20th, 2018
Copyright: Phairway Phil
Page/Size: 200 pages 7×10 English
Publisher: Gatekeeper Press
Address: 2167 Stringtown Rd. Suite 109
City: Columbus, OH
Zip Code: 43123-2989
Phone: 866-535-0913

My Review:

One of the fun aspects of The Grateful Golfer is when I am asked to review new golf books. Before all my treatments started, Phairway Phil asked if I would review his ‘manifesto’ to offer my opinion on his new methodology of teaching golf. His intent is to offer experienced players an unique and revolutionary approach to improving their golf swing through innovative analysis of the different swing segments.  Continue reading

You Are Not 20 Years Old Ya Know!

As my journey towards full recovery continues, I am often reminded by friends that I am not 20 years old anymore and that need to make sure that I manage my energy. Of course, this is at the forefront of all my activities, but I have to say that thinking I am not young anymore is a bit of crutch that I do not require. At 56 years young, regardless of my current health battle, I still think I am in my 30s and can do far more than most belief. Well, at least I believe I can and that is really what matters. Continue reading

Returning to Golf Slowly

As I return to golf after 4 months of treatments, I am finding that my game has plenty of rust needing removal. This is expected and I welcome the challenge of playing at a higher level before the end of the season. However, on advise of my Oncologist, it is important that I return to playing slowly and not to overly exert myself and create an unwanted setback on my recover. Unfortunately, it is easier said than done when we are talking about golf! Continue reading