That Is Just Crazy Golf Talk!

I was playing golf the other day when low and behold I found myself in position that I needed to talk out my possibilities for my next shot. At a moment or two of this process, I actually talked out loud to myself in hopes that the best solution would pop into my head. Before moving forward, my score was not a factor because I was having a mediocre round at best, so a few more strokes would not matter, hence my options increase significantly. My process always boils down to risk/reward regardless of the multitude of factors that my influence my shot.

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Taking A Different Approach To Playing Golf

Playing the same course round after round tends to produce a stale golf game. My membership at Osprey Links is fantastic and the value for my money is definitely there; however, I do find that my game does following similar paths each time I tee it up. So, yesterday I decided to do something different to shake up my play and I am happy to report that I was successful in my endeavour.

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Closing Out My Golf Season

Time is drawing near where I transition from playing tons of golf to not playing at all. Every year around mid-September, I find that my desire to play as much golf as possible starts to wane. I am not sure if it because of past experiences of a short golf season or my desire to set myself up for a six month layoff. There really is no set time, but around now is when mentally things start to change. Today I am on the links and my goal is very simple. Just have fun and work on nothing…..just play golf.

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The Final Match Of The Osprey Links Stroke Match Play Championship

Bruce and I finally had a chance to play the final match of the Osprey Links Stroke Match Play Championship. After 4 previous matches, we both were ready to see who would be considered the Osprey Links Club Champion. We have played head to head before and it was a slug fest down to the last hole. I was confident that our match would follow the same format and hopefully the outcome would be different.

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Changing Clubs In Your Golf Bag

Most golfers have a set of golf clubs that they use day in and day out regardless of the course they are playing. I definitely fall into this category. I do not see a reason to change my clubs to suit a golf course because I do not feel that I hit the clubs not in my bag any better than the ones I already hit. I guess my narrow view on this topic is shaped by the fact that I did/do not consider this a viable approach to my golf game. I am not entirely sure I will adopt strategy, but it is something worth a discussion.