Does Your Pre-shot Routine Change With The Weather

Image may contain: tree, sky, snow, outdoor and nature, text that says 'Winter is here!'

This morning the blanket of white arrived and is likely to stay until April 2021. We are hoping for a bit of break over the next few weeks, but essentially Winter is Here!

That is okay, it was a matter of time and it is not unexpected. I did, however, feel a shift in my mood this morning. With the snow finally here and the waiting over, I realize that my morning routine shifted gears. I am not sure why, but the change in weather has changed how I look at things. As such, I am a little slower and less inclined to rush out of the house to the great outdoors. And of course, that got me thinking of my golf game!

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Nursing A Golf Injury

A friend of mine recently had hand surgery. He will need to go through extensive rehab to be ready for golf season. I am sure it will involve many hand, wrist, and arm exercises to get back to normal. This is where my interest is peaked. If these exercises are good for rehab, I would think they are good for the rest of us to build up strength and flexibility. (Caution – graphic image below)

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Catch and Release in Golf

An outdoor sportsman understands the term catch and release. I mainly applies to fishing, but I am sure there are other sports where it can be used. And I have decided that golf is one of those sports. I bet you are wondering how the heck this is so, but I assure you that it is nothing nefarious, yet it does apply.

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Don’t Worry All Golfers Struggle

There is no doubt in my mind that all golfers struggle. No matter how great or experienced of a player we are…..poor things happen from time to time. It is now the end of the world (no really it is not), but sometimes it sure feels that way. Regardless of your shot, it is important not to implode and to respond properly when the train runs off the rails.

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Why Do You Read/Write Golf Blogs

I often wonder why golfers read or write about golf. There seems to be an innate need to speak out, gain knowledge and discussion their passion. You all know my story, if not you can read my About Me page for more, and you know what drives me to discuss all things golf. But, what drives golfers to seek out golf information on a daily basis. It is not that I am completely oblivious, but as producer of daily golfing topics, it is challenging sometimes to come up with a topic.

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