First Swing Of The Round

Depending on whether you had the time to prepare, if any, will likely determine your mental state on your first swing of your round. For many players, rushing from their car to the first tee is the norm and probably results in a less than optimal shot. At Osprey Links, I would say that I only prepared for the first hit occasionally due to the lack of driving range. They did have a driving net and I found this a reasonable substitute to hitting a small bucket of balls, but I did not really like using it… I didn’t. My lack of preparation did impact my fairway percentage and I am hoping this year at my new course I will be able to improve on my start of each round.

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Do You Rush Your Golf Shot?

Many golfers try to establish a rhythm when they play. This playing tempo drives virtually all aspects of their game and if done properly can lead to some great golf scores. If rushed then disaster can ensue. It is a matter of control, but sometimes when I play I get caught up trying to play fast, my whole processes fly out the window. The next thing I know 14 holes are over and I cannot seem to slow myself down enough to even line up a shot. It really is a challenge sometimes not to rush past the enjoyment of the round.

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Health and Safety Protocols in Golf

As I watch many professional and amateur sports on TV, the term health and safety protocol is at the top of list for announcers. They discuss how teams are responding to their depleted roster due to COVID and other medical challenges. The health and safety protocols are part of the 2022 sports season and is an undeniable fact that it is affecting many teams. This is stressor for sure on all team sports, but what about golf. As an individual sport, where do the health and safety protocols stand for golf professionals and tournaments?

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What is Next For Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is arguably the greatest golfer of all time. At a mere 46, this living legend has many difficult decisions to make in the near future. If you read the articles about his physical recovery, potential retirement, or a lingering fade into the sunset, one thing is for sure – in true Tiger Woods fashion, nothing is off the table. The armchair analysts are throwing out all kinds of conspiracy theories hoping that one will stick to the wall. If they luckily foretell Woods’ future, they likely could cash that guess into a something substantial. Regardless, I think no one knows what the future of Tiger Woods is except for Tiger Woods. Having said that……

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Penalty Area In Golf

In 2019, the governing bodies of golf changed the wording and definition for hazards. They adjusted the rules to allow for grounding your club and a few other aspects of the new penalty area. Basically, the rule changes made it easier to navigate the penalty area and in my opinion, it was a positive change to the rules. In case you are still curious about what the penalty area still means, I found a video that should make things a bit easier.

I hope this video helps clarify what the penalty area consists of and how to play fairly from it. It is important the understand this basic rule change because it might save you strokes during your round.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!