Bridging The Gap Between Old And New In Your Golf Game

Golf is a unique sport that is steeped in history. Regardless of the situation, the ebbing and froing of how to improve our scores is a battle waged each day. It is a challenge sometimes to venture into the realm of a new golf game when our old one feels so comfortable, but stagnate. Unfortunately, to be a better golfer with the desire to constantly improve, living in the the uncomfortable zone is a must. The question is how to bridge that gap between our old comfortable game and the possibility of a new a better game. It is a question all golfers ask themselves from time to time.


I have reached the tipping point many times in my game. I have worked so diligently that when the time arrives to take that set forward in to a new a better game I have hesitated. Why you might ask? That is a great question. It means change, permanent change. That scares people at the best of time and with the protentional of regressing in our score, it frightens the heck out of all golfers. Personally, I have been there. However, I do have on thing that helps to progress me forward.

The decision to move forward is driven by two things. Hope and desire to be a better player. The hope aspect is one that all golfers have. I think everyone hopes they are making the proper decision and that never changes. Hope is a quintessential aspect of all our make up and will be present in all major decisions, especially golf decisions. Hope is what starts to improvement process to make the decision in the first place.

The second aspect of leaving our old game for a new one is desire. Desire is a strong feeling that impels us to the attainment something that is within reach: a desire for a new and better golf game. Desire is the driving force to lower our golf scores. If the desire is big enough, we can overcome all obstacles including the fear of bridging the gap to a better golf game. This driving force is key to any golfer improving and has sustained me over the years as I strived to improve. I will admit my desire is waning a bit over the years, but it is still alive and present. Therefore, I am hoping for improvements this year as I pursue a better golf game.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


Different Golf Balls For Different Temperatures

I have talked about how the temperature affects a golf ball in previous posts. There is a difference the results of hitting a ball in warm/hot and cold/frigid temperatures. If you a more detail article of this you can read a previous post I wrote called: Golf Balls and Cold Temperatures. For now, the opposite is true. Instead of worrying about cold temperatures, focus on the heat.

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It Is All About Our Short Game In Golf

It makes zero difference if you can pound a ball 300 yards if our short game is nonexistent. Regardless of how well you hit the ball off the tee, any player with a weak short game might as well stop playing golf if they intend on lowering their handicap. Over the many years of talking to and watching players claim that they cannot seem to make any headway with their score, I have come to realize that their focus is on the wrong thing. As a serious golfer, if you do not intend to work on your short game, it is time to hang up the sticks. Sounds a bit harsh, well it is because a great short game directly equates to lower golf scores.

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Slow Play and Golf

The debate of slow play is on the rise as golf season launches into full swing. I am not talking about the professional level, but the average player who hits the links once or twice a week. These players are semi serious about their game and also venture to the links for the enjoyment of playing. Some have zero concept of time; unfortunately, that can lead to a whole course of disgruntled golfers. Many courses do not have Marshalls, so policing the pace of play is left to the individual. Again, depending on their mindset, slow play is not on their mind while enjoying time on the links. Therefore, I think it is a good time to remind all golfers about ‘ready golf’.

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Managing Expectations During Your First Round Of Golf For The 2023 Season

Golf season is so close that I can feel my anticipation growing. I know that once I start that I will be driven to play as much as possible due to the already shortened season. This feeling of excitement is normal and is nothing new for this time of year. As I rush to the first tee box, I keep in mind what I have learned over the years: it is important to manage my expectations. The rust that needs removing varies, however there are a few know aspects of my game that I am prepared for in order not to be discouraged early in my season. I think these areas are normal and all golfers who had a long winters nap should understand that early season rounds are not indicative of what their season will be link.

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