Winning The Players Championship and The Masters In The Same Year!

There is only one player in 2019 who can match Tiger Woods feat in 2001 of winning The Players Championship and The Masters in the same year. With all the amazing players who have competed in both events since 1974, I am not surprised that only one player rose to the occasion and won. Yet, now there is talk of Rory McIlroy accomplishing what so many failed to achieve. Do you think it is probable that he wins The Masters this year…..he is the current favorite!

Throughout the years, I have never placed much stock on who is the favorite for the Majors. I find that whoever is streaking that week has the greatest chance to win. Of course, the top player’s chances of streaking at the right time are better than the average journeyman player. Yet, I am remiss to make too many bold claims about the abilities of players to perform on the big stage.

Let us not fool ourselves, The Masters is the big stage. Needing it to complete his career grand slam, McIlroy is definitely playing well enough to claim the green jacket. His performance in 2019 definitely points to his success in Augusta, but he still has to manage the nerves and play his game.

Moving The Players Championship to March definitely improves the chances of a player winning it and The Masters in the same year. Because they are only 3 weeks apart, a hot player like McIlroy has a great chance of claiming both prizes. In the past, winning both was more challenging because a player would have to play well in two different times of year and weather conditions.

Will Rory McIlroy win the Masters this year? I suggest he has a better than not chance of winning his first green jacket. He is the hottest player in golf right now and with The Masters only 3 weeks away, it is looking like he is the player to beat.

I am going to hold of making my Masters prediction until the week before the event, but for now Rory sure looks good!

What are your thoughts?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Winning The Players Championship and The Masters In The Same Year!

  1. Jim,

    For me, it doesn’t matter which tournament but I will never back the favourite. I believe there is always better value out there, however Rory sure looks like he is getting hot at the right moment. He is playing fantastic golf and it sure is difficult to go against him. Like you, I will also hold off on my predictions.

    I’ve been saying this since the beginning of the year and that I am looking forward to see how Speith bounces back from last year. So far, not good at all. His play has been awful this year, however I’m curious to see how he does next week if he decides to play, might set him up for the Masters. He’s 20/1 with a phenomenal track record at Augusta, but it might not even be worth it considering how awful he has been this year.


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    • Sebastien

      Spieth is going through the same kind of funk that McIlroy went through after early success. It is tough staying on top for an extended period of time. The expectations by the golf world sure weigh these your superstars down. I am still not sure my pick for the Masters, but we shall see soon enough.

      Cheers Jim

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  2. I don’t know about Rory winning. He’s played well there 3 out of 4 rounds in 6 of his 7 attempts, but has always had one round over 77 that kept him from the Green Jacket. Then again, he’s, I think, the only player to have top 10 finishes in all of the last 5 attempts. When I saw the odds a few days ago he was the favorite at 8/1.

    I might go for Fleetwood. He’s at 25/1 and blew his lead at the Players last week, but this will be his 3rd try at the Masters so it might be charmed. lol

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    • I agree that Rory is playing well and seems to have one poor round compared to the field. But, with the monkey off his back with a win at The Players Championship, he might be in running on all cylinders now. We shall see.

      As far as Tommy Fleetwood, he has the game and always looks like he is ready. Unfortunately his last two rounds on the weekend put doubt in my mind as to his ability to finish on the big stage. He is still worthy of a pick if you are in a fantasy league.

      Cheers Jim


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