Golf and March Madness

My favourite basketball tourney started yesterday. March Madness will be entertaining, thrilling and a must watch sporting event. I bet you are wondering why I am talking basketball on my golf blog. Well, it is very simple; I think that the FedEx Cup should replace its current format to the style of the biggest basketball tournament in the world. Yup, the FedEx Cup should adopt the one and done match play format of US college basketball! It would be very exciting for the fans as the top 64 players in the world go head to head over the space of 4 weeks.

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One Golf Shot Makes A Difference

If you ever thought that one golf shot is not enough to change your fortunes on the golf course, I suggest you revisit your thinking. I can make this bold statement because Scottie Scheffeler made that miracle shot at The Masters on the third hole that turned his fortunes around 180 degrees. It was a two stroke swing, but more importantly it changed his disposition (and confidence) to a point where he never looked back. He gained total control over the rest of his round that propelled him to victory!

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Congratulations to Scottie Scheffler! The 2022 Masters Champion.

To no surprised, the world’s number one player has won his first Major! Scottie Scheffler played solid golf for the entire 72 holes with very few mistakes. Beating Rory McIlroy by three strokes (should have been 5), Scheffler has won four tournaments in six tries. He is burning up the PGA Tour right now and I wonder how long he can keep up his amazing play. That particular thought is a great topic for another day.

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The Masters Day One

After watching seven hours of golf (I think that is a record for me) I found the first day at The Masters to be very typical. There were some highs, some lows, and some grinding. As always, Augusta National Golf Course was in fantastic shape and offered very little chances in the way of lucky breaks. I did notice that as the day progressed, the course became drier and tougher to play. This made for higher scores in the afternoon pairs. Good thing the the tee times are reversed tomorrow because the afternoon pairings will face much winder conditions. As always with The Masters, I did learn something valuable that will help my game.

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The 2022 Masters Begins

It is finally here! The Masters starts today and it is going to be exciting. Yesterday was the Par 3 tournament and it was won by 2 Canadians. But the real winners were the professionals, their families and especially the fans.

Now it is on to the action. Let the Masters begin!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!