Winning The Players Championship and The Masters In The Same Year!

There is only one player in 2019 who can match Tiger Woods feat in 2001 of winning The Players Championship and The Masters in the same year. With all the amazing players who have competed in both events since 1974, I am not surprised that only one player rose to the occasion and won. Yet, now there is talk of Rory McIlroy accomplishing what so many failed to achieve. Do you think it is probable that he wins The Masters this year…..he is the current favorite!

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Thank You Knights of Golf

I love entering golf contests on Twitter and Facebook. I believe that with a click of a button, I have a chance to win some great golf swag. Well, to my surprise, I won a golf shirt from Knights of Golf. Ian Marcroft, Founder/President, sent me a wonderful looking golf shirt and it arrived yesterday in the mail. After opening my little treasure, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of my new golf attire.

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Wearing Golf Swag

If you never have won golf swag, then it is time to enter some contests. Over the years, I have won plenty of cool stuff and for the most part have used them when playing. Sometimes we share the swag because of need or the other person just likes what we had won. Well, this is the case of my friend Colin who shared his toque with his nephew. Continue reading

Winning In Golf

What does it take to win in golf? If you asked 100 golfers this question, I suspect there would be 100 different answers. I could go on about the merits of hitting the ball well, making great contact, or even about the fun times had on the links, but that is the social fun aspect of golf. However, I think every golfer has that light inside that drives them to win when face with adversity. Each shot, easy or difficult, is a test of your efforts prior to making contact. Each shot is a contest and we all want to win! Continue reading

Leaving Strokes on The Golf Course

A recent comment on yesterdays post from Rob Courtney sparked this post. His comment: “Congratulations on your win. But we golfers do find ways of finding fault even when we are successful! Cheers, Rob.” is so true regarding the nature of golfers, I just had to expand on it. Golfers are never satisfied with their game; when the conversation starts, we usually shift towards the strokes we left on the course and how things should have been better. This might be a universal trait of all golfers, what do you think? Continue reading