Wearing Golf Swag

If you never have won golf swag, then it is time to enter some contests. Over the years, I have won plenty of cool stuff and for the most part have used them when playing. Sometimes we share the swag because of need or the other person just likes what we had won. Well, this is the case of my friend Colin who shared his toque with his nephew. Colin was golfing with his brothers and nephew at Cabot Links and Cabot Cliffs a few days ago. Colin dropped me a line saying he was thinking about me during his trip and as a fellow cancer survivor understands the challenges I am working through. His updates were awesome and I am grateful he passed on some wonderful pictures. It helps keep me motivated to get strong and ready for next year’s golf season.
16th hole at Cabot Cliffs from Colin
Back to the golf swag; during the winter, Colin won the same toque I did from Mike Johnny at 36aday.net. The hats are comfortable and very warm. Well, Colin’s nephew needed something to keep his head warm and there was no better present than the toque Colin won.
Keeping your head warm with golf swag!
So if you are wondering why so many of us put our names for golf swag, this is why. Most of our prizes have great value and the toque from 36aday is no different. I realize that there is an advertisement aspect to each contest, but in this case I do not mind promoting Mike’s efforts. Have you ever won golf swag? If so, what was it? I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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