Unbelievable Drive By Rory McIlroy

I normally do not just repost a golf shot without any explanation, however today will be my first. I am still in awe by the results of Rory McIlroy’s driver.

Personally, I am ecstatic to be within 4 feet after my second shot on a 350 yard hole. Simply amazing.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


Finding The Swing That Works For Your Game

Golf is a sport that allows for greatness regardless of our swing abilities. Of course science will espouse that here is really on one correct technique to hit the ball, but one would have to be a machine to accomplish that perfect swing. There are many great players that emulate the best swing movements to produce amazing results, yet I cannot help but wonder why golfers with less than perfect swings achieve amazing results. What makes them succeed where others with poor technique fail? It is definitely not lucky bounces because their success is over the long term. My solution to this quandary is that they found the swing that works best for their game.

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Golf for Golf’s Sake

I am not sure why many fans of golf originally gravitated towards the sport. I am confident that what ever reason brought someone over is as unique as a snowflake. In the modern day of social media, instant news, and a constant barrage of useless information, creating drama seems to be quickly becoming a method to garner interest (regardless of how fleeting) It seems that controversy sells and positive deeds are overlooked in many cases. As a person who reads and writes about about golf, I am not sure that the path fame in the golfing world is paved by constantly talking about contentious topics. Does creating drama actually draw new viewers to golf or does it turn off the people who are already tuned in?

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Taking Appropriate Risks On Delicate Golf Shots

Every golfer will find their ball in a tough predicament in almost every round of golf. Shots made by Rory McIlroy and Victor Hovland on the 17th hole from across the road on the 17th hole at The Open demonstrate that all players need to take risks on delicate shots in order to shoot lower scores. In the case above, Hovland used a putter to save par and McIlroy chipped to save bogey. Each had to navigate a tough situation and Hovland’s delicate shot happened to work out better than McIlroy’s. Regardless, both players prevent a big number by taking the appropriate risk for their shots. It is a lesson for all golfers, but the real question is what is considered appropriate risk during a delicate golf shot?

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Hitting Your Driver Farther In One Easy Lesson

Watching the 2022 PGA Championship was great entertainment. Of course congratulations are in order for Justin Thomas for his win in a playoff, but that was not my takeaway from the second Major of 2022. What I notice the most was the amazing drives that all the professionals seemed to perform over and over again. Yes, I know that some of the players were wayward, but their consistency was something to emulate. So, I decided to see if I could find a simple video that would improve my driving distance off the tee. And guess what, I found one!

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