Dropping In Golf’s World Ranking

I debated about writing this article because it is so subjective that I was not sure I had a defined point of view. As I plunk away at the keyboard, I muse about if dropping in the world ranking is really a valuable subject or not. After some deliberation, I decided to give this topic a try and see where we end up. If you are wondering what sparked my sudden interest in golf’s world ranking (which I normally do not focus too much attention on), well I read that Phil Mickelson dropped to 101 and Rory McIlroy dropped to 11 in the world rankings. Neither of these players slide is surprising or is it?

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Chipping Tip From Rory McIlroy

As I research possible golf shots I would like to incorporate into my game, I sometimes come across a shot I kind of have, but need to improve. This is the case with a chipping tip from Rory McIlroy. The ‘one hop stop’ short chip shot is something I work on through the course of my golf season. I find this shot very useful and often wonder why my percentage of success is much lower than I want or expect. Well, I found out why thanks to a short video by Rory.

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Wishing Tiger Woods A Healthy Recovery

Since Tiger Woods’ car accident two days ago, the golfing world / sporting world held their breath wondering how serious his accident really was. I purposely stayed out of the conversation and did not speculate on anything relating to Woods’ lastest setback. Today, I just want to send Tiger positive healing thoughts and wish him a healthy recovery. It is really a challenge to express how fragile life really is and to think of the scope of this situation.


Inside Rory McIlroy’s Golf Bag

After reading an article from PGATour.com about what clubs Rory McIlroy carries, I started to second guess the clubs in my bag. I mean, if one of the top golfers in the world (arguably the best) uses specific clubs, then maybe, just maybe, we amateurs need to take notice. I am not talking about brand of club, but the actual clubs he carries. Truthfully, I am really confused!

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The Players Championship

Starting tomorrow, some of the best golfers in the world will be teeing it up for the first major in 2020. Played at TPC Sawgrass, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, The Players is poised to grab the attention of the golf world. The field is strong and players are prepared for all the hype and pressure that is associated with what some consider the 5th major. It will be interesting to see who will rise to the top of the heap to claim the prize!

The odds makers have said their piece and picked their winner from the 144 man field. I am not sure exactly how they came up with the odds because depending on which odds maker you follow, the results are different. However, I am sure it was a little more scientific that gut feel.

In one poll, Rory McIlroy is the top pick to win this weekend. This is not a far stretch considering he is the world number one ranked player. Close on his heels in the odds is Jon Rahm, Justin Thomas, Bryson DeChambeau, and Patrick Cantlay. Of course there are many other top names in the field, but the odds makers believe these players have the best chance to win. I guess their thoughts are as good as any others. However, the poll I chosen to use is from PGATOUR power rankings. I figure their selections is something that most readers can support as the benchmark moving forward.

In the past, I have tried to select winners for the big five tournaments. I had mixed success, but it was fun pontificating on who would end up in the winners circle. At The Players this year I decided to try something different, I am randomly picking names from the field and will compare them to the odds makers to see how I do. I have decided to limit my comparison to the top 5 players for ease of math. The table is read from first to fifth, here it goes:

Odds MakersThe Grateful Golfers
Justin ThomasKevin Kisner
Rory McIlroyCharley Hoffman
Jon RahmPat Perez
Webb SimpsonAbraham Ancer
Patrick ReedFrancesco Molinari

As you can see, my team does not really stack up well against the odds makers. However, if one thing golf shows us is that on any given day, any player can win. My head and heart would not have picked my random players, but whose to say that this would be any better.

The Players is going to provide some exciting golf and I am looking forward to see some fantastic shots, great recoveries, and long unimaginable putts. It action is going to be worth watching.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!