Finding The Swing That Works For Your Game

Golf is a sport that allows for greatness regardless of our swing abilities. Of course science will espouse that here is really on one correct technique to hit the ball, but one would have to be a machine to accomplish that perfect swing. There are many great players that emulate the best swing movements to produce amazing results, yet I cannot help but wonder why golfers with less than perfect swings achieve amazing results. What makes them succeed where others with poor technique fail? It is definitely not lucky bounces because their success is over the long term. My solution to this quandary is that they found the swing that works best for their game.

Finding the perfect swing is something that most golfers aspire. Unfortunately, many amateurs overlook a crucial part of the statement…..that works for your game. If we line up 100 amateur golfers in a row on a driving range and tell them to hit a bucket of balls, we would see 100 different swings. Many of the lower handicap players will have similarities, but none would be identical. This is no surprise I am sure, but it often overlooked. Not all of us can have the perfect swing like the following:

If we look back in time, many great players have risen to the top to the list of great ball strikers. There is one player however, this sometimes overlooked because he did not win much on the professional tour. Moe Norman is considered one of the most (if not the best) legendary ball-strikers in golf. In 2005, Tiger Woods said Norman was one of only two golfers to ever “own” their swing. And that is crux of the matter, owning your own swing. Or in my words finding the swing that works for your game.

I would never presume to think I could analyze a great ball strikers swing because mine has enough hitches of its own. However, even I can look at Moe Norman’s swing and know that it is far from textbook, but he is considered by most of the great players of our time as the best ball striker in golf history. Here is what his swing looks like:

In my mind, there is one aspect that all great golfers have in common. They are consistent in their swing. I might not be pretty and have some funky twists (like Jim Furyk), but the do the same thing all the time. This consistency produces know results that a player can build their game around. They know what their swing is going to do and how the ball is going to react off the clubface almost every time. With this knowledge, it is easy to develop a course management strategy to maximize the results that lowers our score. I my view, it is really that simple.

The point of my discussion today is that every player has to find that one swing that works for their game. They need to develop that swing in order to maximize the results. I have played against many players who have less than pretty swings, but produce fantastic golf shots. They consistently hit the ball in the same manner and navigate their game in an efficient manner. With great results, who am I to doubt they swing technique. They found the swing that works for their game and I applaud them for making it work.

There is no singular way to swing a golf club. There are some scientific methods that likely produce the best results, however rarely does any player have all the physical attributes to make this happen. The best way to improve your game is to find the swing that works for you and maximize the results. I am not suggesting to never try to improve your technique, but to own what you can do and consistently repeat it.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Finding The Swing That Works For Your Game

  1. This game would be easier if we could just go buy a swing. lol Oh wait….I kind of did when I took lessons. It’s still my swing, just better. It still needs lots of work, but it’s a game. I’m having fun. I’m not looking to make even the senior tour. I just want to win all the skins around here. lol

    Didn’t do too well at that this week. I was playing with my swing too much. Literally playing. I was trying to hit a bunch of shaped shots with all the clubs this week. It kind of worked for me Sunday when I won, but the rest of the week the guys soaked me. lol I hit some pretty shots but not enough to help and I was Mr. Lipout on the greens all week. Must have had 8 or 9 a round at least. And pars just don’t win.

    Oh well, I was out walking the course. Playing amongst the gators and the geese and the otters and the bobcats as well as a whole host of others. Everyone and everything is out enjoying the weather. Cool breezes and 80 degree temperatures make for great golf weather in the afternoon or if you like it cooler, go out in the morning when it’s 68 and there’s dew on the grass and the greens are slower. Not to rub it in or anything. lol You know, it’s the law.

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