What Prompts Players To Change Their Golf Swing

Have you ever wondered why golfers want to change their golf swing during a round? I realized that most amateurs understand that shooting a low score is always the goal, however I often wonder if they really understand the process of improving in golf. Or maybe I am the one that is too rigid in my thinking where my processes are not appealing or possible for the average player. Regardless, my journey to low golf scores can be boiled down to one factor that affects every golfer (or athlete) who have an inkling about improving their athletic abilities. It is so universal, that it is often overlooked by coaches and players. It is the one factor we all want more of ….. Time!

Throughout my life, I have lamented often that time is a limiting factor on so many things. As everyone navigates their life’s path, time is the one resource that affects all decisions. I am sure I do not have to write a detail list of time stealers. Within an instant, most readers already have 10 events or activities that rank higher than golf. This is not a big deal, but it does help explain why many players are making adjustments to their game on the course vice taking the time to practice on the range.

I have played and coached a multitude of sports over the years. I know what it takes for me to excel in sports and my one factor is the same for all the other athletes I have have encountered. The players who are the most successful have the greatest desire or passion to excel. This first core tenant on my list that drives all results. The golfer who has a keen desire or passion to improve usually figures out a way to make the most of their time to achieve their desired results.

Before anyone starts picking holes in my simplification, I do have to point out a critical factor. Dedicating time to anything does not automatically mean that a person will excel. There are many steps after finding the desire or passion that must occur in order to be successful. However, an athlete with the desire to excel will eclipse players with natural talent 9 times out of 10.

Desire drives golfers to change how they spend their time. They make decisions on what sacrifices are acceptable to feed their desire to improve. Time is one of biggest road blocks for aspiring golfers, that is unless your desire helps knock down any obstacle. I am not suggesting that amateurs throw away all the important things in their lives, but a redistribution of how they (me) spend our time is not our of the realm of reality. A word of caution, because the desire is strong enough does not mean that there are not more important aspects of our lives that must take priority, it just means that the desire to be the best golfer one can be is a factor when making important life decisions.

Over the years, my desire to a successful athlete has not waned. However, my family, friends, and career did dictate the amount of time I could dedicate to my passion. Now that I am retired, I can dedicate a great deal more to improving my golf game, but …. other life desires still dictate how I allot my time. Regardless, time continues to be a precious resource that needs my attention if I want to continue to be successful in the back nine of my life. Golf will always be important, however I am finding that other passions are starting to emerge (and reemerge) that will require more time to foster. However you choose to spend your time, I hope it is areas that enhance your life.

I am a grateful golfer. See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “What Prompts Players To Change Their Golf Swing

  1. Even having a course wrapping around the house doesn’t mean you always have time for golf. It wasn’t like that this week for me, but it can happen. lol This week I played Sunday through Friday and I was out chipping and putting Saturday in preparation for Sundays away round.

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