Rushing To Finish My Round Of Golf

Golf is a game meant to be enjoyed. We are meant to relished the time we walk around any golf course because that is all part of the golf experience. Generally, I take the time to look around and enjoy my surroundings. However, from time to time I find myself rushing to finish my round. It is not like I have something better to do, I just speed up my pace of play and as a result, start making mistakes.

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Did I Forget Something On That Golf Shot

Have you ever had the strangest feeling that you forgot something on your last golf shot? I get that feeling from time time to time and usually it is because I did! (Kind of like forgetting to write an article to be released earlier today, but that is another story…. 🙂 ) Solving this mystery or nagging feeling is a bit challenging, but not if you have a routine that sets you up for success on each shot. Even then, I sometimes scratch my head in disbelieve as I walk the 5 yards to hit my ball again.

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Do You Follow The Golf News?

There is always something ‘golf focused’ to read regardless of its value. I realize that the news media, public relations, and players themselves try to generate interest on a plethora of topics. Personally, I find most of the information provided to be white noise because I am not interested in the daily happenings of the golf world that does add to my daily life. I realize this might seem harsh, but over the years I found that getting caught up in the minutia detracts from things that are actually important to my golf game.

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Improving Your Golf Game: Quality Versus Quantity

Everyone I know plays golf to either fun, exercise and to improve. I guess this is a pretty simple approach to this amazing sport and very golfers fall outside these categories. Actually, many use all three as motivation to hit the links on a regular basis. Over the years, we have discussed many barriers to why we struggle with improving, but most of those seem to break down to the time available to play or practice. I can appreciate this challenge which is why I was thinking about whether we use our precious time appropriately to effectively improve our game. Hence the thought of quality versus quantity as an important discussion for many golfers. Continue reading

If Time Was Not a Factor in Golf

Time is always precious. There never seems enough of it to do the things we want to accomplish. There is always something pulling us multiple directions and that creates many challenges to our golf game. But what if time was an irrelevant factor. What would your change to improve your golf game. Some would say nothing because it is only leisure activity; while others….. Continue reading