Rushing To Finish My Round Of Golf

Golf is a game meant to be enjoyed. We are meant to relished the time we walk around any golf course because that is all part of the golf experience. Generally, I take the time to look around and enjoy my surroundings. However, from time to time I find myself rushing to finish my round. It is not like I have something better to do, I just speed up my pace of play and as a result, start making mistakes.

I am sure you know what I mean, you rush around the links for no apparent reason. It actually is a bit sad because I am overlooking the basic essence of play…..enjoying my time looping the course.

Laurentide Golf Course, Sturgeon Falls, Ontario.

When I find myself rushing I start making mistakes. Most of the time I omit or change my pre-shot routine. This, of course, is a mental error and one that I should never make. Additionally, I do not take the proper amount of time to line up my putts, I kind of look at the line and think I know where to hit the ball. Of course, this is folly. Lastly, I seem to sprint to my ball. I walk quicker than normal and neglet to take the time to breath and absorb my beautiful surrounds. All in all, my unintended sprint around the course is basically a waste of time.

I thoroughly enjoy playing golf at a speed where I can take in what the course offers on that day. Each round offers something unique that needs to acknowledged and enjoyed. Some days it is the bright blue sky or the smell of cut freshly cut grass or a few lucky bounces or watching a ball roll smoothing into the cup from 25 feet. I could go on and on about how each round offers something worth relishing, but I think you get my point.

Rushing around the golf course is a waste of time. I realize that from time to time we try to squeeze in 9 or 18 holes, unfortunately during those rounds, I rarely play well. I end up going through the motions and that is not what golf is all about.

I try to be cognizant of times when I am rushing because if I am going to dedicate 3.5 hours to participate in an activity, I want to enjoy it. Rushing on the golf course is never a good thing, I might has well away from the course and did something else.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Rushing To Finish My Round Of Golf

  1. Jim, too fast or too slow is less than optimal. I find the pace is somewhat dictated by my playing partners. Know your partners and you can control the pace but get paired up with newbies, and you take your chances. Also, new surroundings may affect pace.

    Today, I’m going out to play the Jack Nicklaus design, Bayside Golf Club, in Selbyville, DE for the first time. I popped in yesterday after work just to familiarize myself with the offerings. Wow! I’m going to time my arrival 1.5 hours ahead of my tee time to warm up on all the fabulous practice facilities and take some pics. Hopefully I won’t slow anybody down 🙂




  2. You have a pretty picturesque course to play there. It would be a shame not to appreciate it. I’ve played some courses up north especially in the fall that took my breath away. And there are courses down here that can still do that too. But I do have a special affinity for mountain courses since that’s what we are denied down here on the Gulf coast. My home course is tiny and plain by comparison, but it’s also a little paradise. A refuge from the 5 thousand condo’s that surround it and the million people in the county. And best of all it provides a year round fix for my golf habit. No waiting.

    You are THE Grateful Golfer! And I am a grateful for ya and with ya.


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