Are You Being A Grateful Golfer?

When you hit the links, are you being a grateful golfer? Some of you reading todays article have a tee time for later (lucky you). Some of us have to go into our cold garage, start a fire, wait for the temperature to rise, and hit balls into a net. While others, sit at home patiently waiting for the golf courses to open. Regardless of your situation, it is still possible to be a grateful golfer!

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COVID Golf – All About The Trick Shots

I am not sure about you, but I find that I have a bit more time on my hands than usual. Partly it is because of COVID, but also because it is still minus 20° Celsius outside. My garage is still cold enough to see my breath and prolong exposure just forces me into poor swing habits. So, I thought I might want to spend some time learning a few trick shots to impress my playing partners this upcoming season.

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What is Important To Your Golf Game?

I hope that a alll the readers at The Grateful Golfer can get the feeling that I try to share as much of my knowledge, experience, and ‘trial and error’ success as possible. It is the other main reasons I started writing about golf; to help other like minded golfers shorten their learning curve in order to be the best golfer they can be every time they step up to the first tee. I was thinking about my articles (all 2491 of them) and I realized that my musings might be limited because of my perspective; sometimes I am so focused on my game, I forget that my topics might not be applicable to players with higher handicaps. This does make me wonder.

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Book Review: Still Me

Still Me – A Golf Tragedy in 18 Parts written by Jeffery John Eyamie

  • Canadiana Print: 20200278991
  • Canadiana ebook: 20200279017
  • ISBN: 9780888017130
  • ISBN (EPUB): 9780888017147
  • ISBN(Kindle): 9780888017154
  • ISBN (PDF): 9780888017161
  • Published Date: 2020
  • Page: 260 pages
  • Publisher: Turnstone Press
  • Address: Artspace Building, 206-100 Arthur Street
  • City: Winnipeg
  • Province/Country: Manitoba, Canada
  • Postal Code: R3B 1H3
  • Email:
  • Contacts:

My Review:

One of the fun aspects of The Grateful Golfer is when I am asked to review new golf books. This is my third review and like each of the other books, it was not what I expected.  This book is a journey of unexpected life challenges that offers many twists and turns. It is definitely not a “how to golf” book, but provides many parallels to the average Joe trying to navigate life with a multitude of nonstop stressors by using golf.

Still Me – A Golf Tragedy in 18 Parts tells the story of James Khoury’s, a salesman for Boreal Building Products, journey through the multitude of amazing golf courses he played throughout the years. His trip down memory lane was sparked when he found his treasure trove of golf memorabilia trashed beyond repair. I can relate to his despair, as many golfers probably can, if the same disaster happened to my prized golf trinkets. This part of the story is something I can definitely relate too.

So the journey begins; Khoury starts to recount the many golf courses he was fortunate to play because of the relationships forged through his job. He recounts how each course left a unique memory about his golfing experiences. Some of his rounds were more about the people he was partnered with, than actually playing golf; reading about each character was half the fun as I delved deeper into Still Me.

After 50 pages, something different started to happen in Khoury’s golf journey. Khoury started to recount the many challenges in his personal life and how it related to golf. It was if golf became a crutch that allowed Khoury to survive the drama in his life off the course. As we become introduced the various characters, it becomes obvious that there is more going in this book than just a trip down memory lane. The stakes to succeed on the golf course keep growing and growing.

Without giving away the ending, I can see how Khoury’s golf game became a reflection of his life. Success followed success and disaster followed disaster. I think many golfers would be able to relate to this type of dynamic as good golf relies on both physical and mental strengths of each player. If either is compromised so will our golf game. Still Me – A Golf Tragedy in 18 Parts definitely leads the reader through an emotional roller coaster that is easily transferred to everyday life.

Still Me is not a book I would normally pick off the shelf. This type of genre is not something I tend to gravitate towards. While reading this book, however, I found Jeffrey Eyamie’s writing style very enjoyable. I found the flow of the book easy to follow and provided plenty of intrigue to keep me interested. The mark of a good book, in my opinion, builds my interest as I devour the pages. Still Me was that type of book.

If you are looking for an interesting, non-traditional golf book, I recommend you read Still Me – A Golf Tragedy in 18 Parts. It will capture your imagination about golf possibilities as James Khoury navigates the challenges in his life on and off the golf course.

I want to thank Melissa at Turnstone Press for reaching out to me and asking me to review Jeffery John Eyamie’s book. It was an enjoyable read!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Respect For Golf Course Superintendents

Care and maintenance of a golf course is an easy thing, right? Well, think about your yard and the amount of work (or not) you perform to keep it looking beautiful. Now, multiply those tasks by 1000%, then have all your neighbours come over everyday and critic your work. If you can envision this, then you are just dealing with the tip of the iceberg that golf superintendents deal with on a daily basis. Their love of their job has to outweigh the other “stuff they have to deal with” that most most golfers never see and should never see. A good superintendent is worth their weight in gold, great superintendents are priceless!

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