Feeling Gratitude Than Needs To Be Shared

Yesterday, I had a routine medical procedure to ensure that my health is on a positive path. As it turned out, the procedure went very well and I feel great. It was maintenance thing that needs to be performed every 5 years. Now that I briefly outlined the situation, I need to share why I am feeling gratitude!

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Two Vintage Must Attend Golf Events Are Quickly Approaching

The Vintage Golf Collectibles Sale and Trade Show is quickly coming. Hosted by the Golf Historical Society of Canada, this trade show looks to be a must attend event. The interesting thing about this event is that it is taking place at the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame at the Glen Abby Golf Club. If you are interested in vintage clubs, hearing fantastic stories from the Historical Societies president, Lorne Emery, or just browsing for some new/old clubs then the trade show is the place to be.

Additionally, the World Hickory Golf Day is quickly approaching. If you want to play in event hosted by the Golf Historical Society of Canada, then see the flyer below. I have played in an hickory event and it is great fun. If you are able, I recommend you attend this fun golf tournament.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Golf and March Madness

My favourite basketball tourney started yesterday. March Madness will be entertaining, thrilling and a must watch sporting event. I bet you are wondering why I am talking basketball on my golf blog. Well, it is very simple; I think that the FedEx Cup should replace its current format to the style of the biggest basketball tournament in the world. Yup, the FedEx Cup should adopt the one and done match play format of US college basketball! It would be very exciting for the fans as the top 64 players in the world go head to head over the space of 4 weeks.

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Watching The Pros Hit Hickory Shaft Golf Clubs

My love of golf expanded last year. As you may know, I bought some hickory shafted golf clubs. I am about three weeks away from pulling them out of storage and I am excited! In the meantime, I thought I would share some other golfers having fun hitting vintage clubs.

I wish I was there with them, but my turn on my own course is coming. What do you think? Does it look like fun?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

GHSC At The 2023 Toronto Golf & Travel Show

As a member the Golf Historical Society Of Canada (GHSC), it was great to hear that they represented golf extremely well at last weekends Golf and Trade Show at Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I know several of the Ambassadors who, I am sure, were in their glory talking about the historical aspects of golf. I was note able to attend this year, but I figured it was a good idea to share their experiences.

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