A Golfer’s Journey Is Their’s Alone

If I knew then what I know now, would I be a better golfer? If I knew 40 years ago what it would take to be a scratch golfer, I might have changed my approach to my game. Would I have practiced more? Would I have purchased better equipment? Could I have played with more intent of lowering my scores? Ah, if I only knew then what I know now!

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Make Sure to Thank Your Golf Course Superintendent and Their Staff

I cannot say enough great things about Craig Moody and his staff at my home course of Osprey Links Golf Course. They are tireless workers and because their efforts, I am able to enjoy 7 months of fantastic golf on a fantastic golf course. Customer service is always mentioned in my articles, but the maintenance staff is often overlooked. They are as critical as the person the meets you at the proshop! Here is a quick video on something I expect see over the next month or two while playing.

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Happy Wednesday

I think this is what is happening at Osprey Links Golf Course today! The hazards of winter in Canada! 🙂

Have an awesome Wednesday!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

High Soft Golf Shots by Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson has started to share his wisdom in shot videos. I for one appreciate his efforts to educate the masses. His recent clip on how to hit a hit soft shot, not a flop shot, is perfectly timed because I am working on chipping in my basement off my DIY chipping mat.

What I like about this video is that he focuses on the weight distribution. I have mentioned this many times in previous articles that having most of our weight on the lead foot is critical to great chipping. Phil definitely empathizes this point.

He also mentions the importance of letting the club do all the work. So many times I have watched players mess around with the lie of the club only to skull their ball across the green. Our equipment is designed to help our golf swing if would only let it.

Finally, watch his follow through. It finishes very high. Like working in the bunker, a high finish is key to a success chip from any distance. We often think we need to abbreviate our follow through because of a shorter distance, well Phil just proved that is just not so.

I hope this tip helps your game, I know it will help mine.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Surprising Shots In Golf

Regardless of how much golf you play, everyone is surprised from time to time at one of their shots. In my case it comes out of the blue with no thought to how good this shot really was. Most of us consider it a lucky shot, but I would counter that thought with – did we not intent to sink the ball in the hole. The fact that we did should not be that much of a surprise……or should it?

Over the years I have made some fantastic shots. However, some were lucky and others were well intended. Either way, I was super surprised at the result of the shot. Let me give you two examples.

The first was a lucky shot that ended extremely well. From 240 yards away, I hit the top of the a post that guarded the front of the green. My ball bounced forward onto the green about 25 feet from the pin. I was putting for eagle. You can read the entire store, with pictures, at: Lucky Bounces In Golf!

My second example resulted in chipping in twice in a row, on the same hole, from the same spot, that were a week apart! Yup, it was a great feeling to chip in for birdie two weeks in a row. I used the same club both times and believe it or not, I was confident the second time around because of previous weeks success. I was very surprised at the time, but I guess I should not have been. You can get the entire story at: Deja Vu!

I could go on and on, however I think you get my point. There are shots like hitting the top of the post that are a complete surprise. Yet others, like my double chip in were intentional and I should not be surprise because I intended to make the shot. Regardless, I was elated with both shots and hope to replicate them again this year.

Before I sign off, I want to leave you with this video of an extremely surprising shot or was it:

What is one of your surprising shots?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!