Currently Not Thinking About Golf

The month before the holidays is a very slow one for me with respect to thinking about golf. I am feverishly finishing tasks that include outdoor and indoor work so we can enjoy the holiday season. Because life things are happening, I spend very little time thinking about golf; it is my winter lull so to speak. This does not mean that golf is losing its shine for me, it just means that with snow on the ground and the holiday season almost in full bloom, the luster is a bit clouded. So, I am not currently thinking about golf.

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Our First Dusting Of Snow

Winter is officially here! Up until now we have experienced higher than normal temperatures that allowed for more golf (for some) and comfortable temperatures for winterizing our property. I still have a few more chores, but that is normal because there is always something to do around here. Having said all that, with the first dusting of snow a switch changes in my brain that directs my thoughts to keeping my golf passion alive for the next six months. Mostly, I will write, train and hit balls in my DIY driving net. This transition is the same as every other year with one minor exception, I am looking a hickory golf more and with great interest. Hickory golf is not all encompassing, but it allows me to focus on other golf related things as I nestle down for a long winter’s nap.

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Nothing Stops Golf

With Remembrance Day recently past, it is important for us to remember to give thanks for the sacrifice of the many. Because fo them, we are able to enjoy our time on the links in complete safety with confidence that our courses are safe and secure. Unfortunately, for those playing golf in England during WWII, there were more hazards on the links than just sand traps. To protect the players, a list of Wartime Golf Rules were created and I thought it needed to be shared.

I find it interesting that during the desperate times of WWII, people still found time to for some leisure. I am not surprised that golf was on the list of activities, yet some of the rules are definitely worth a second look. For me, numbers 2 and 5 definitely caught my attention. Not sure I would be playing golf during those dangerous times, but it seems that nothing can stop golfers from enjoying the game they love.

What do you think of the Wartime Rules? Would you playing during those trying conditions?

I am a grateful golf! See you on the links!

Lest We Forget!

Lest We Forget

Every year, November 11 is a special day to all military personnel.  Today, we take the time to honor the fallen, wounded and serving military men, women and their families. Their sacrifices have allowed for the freedoms we enjoy today.  It is important to give thanks and be grateful for our wonderful lives they protect. This is my second year out of uniform after 36 years of service. It will be a different experience for me as full fledged veteran, but it will not diminish my gratitude to all my brothers and sisters in arms!

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Are You Sure You Want To Golf?

I sometimes wonder if golf is a universal sport designed for all athletes. Don’t get we wrong, golfers are athletes. Like all professional and amateur sports the higher level of play (or elite players) have a combination of athletic ability and a passion to excel on the links. This combination is nothing new, but in golf, it seems that the stakes are higher because of the frustration level of trying to achieve a high level of play. With the combination of so many factors, I often wonder why beginners take golf thinking that this sport is fun and easily mastered!

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