The Grateful Golfer Blog – Is It Worth The Read?

I often wonder if my daily musings are worth the effort. My original intent was to help me cope with serious health issues (twice) and after nine years of writing, this little golf blog has morphed into something else. I enjoy clacking away at the keyboard everyday because it brings me joy and I am grateful for all the visitors to The Grateful Golfer. ,Now, ongoing intent has expanded so that I provide the readers with fresh ideas on how they can improve their game and to read about the successes and challenges of playing golf regardless of one’s ability. Although I am enjoying punching out an article daily (currently sitting at 630 days in a row) I sometimes wonder if The Grateful Golfer is worth the read?

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The Final Match Of The Osprey Links Stroke Match Play Championship

Bruce and I finally had a chance to play the final match of the Osprey Links Stroke Match Play Championship. After 4 previous matches, we both were ready to see who would be considered the Osprey Links Club Champion. We have played head to head before and it was a slug fest down to the last hole. I was confident that our match would follow the same format and hopefully the outcome would be different.

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Changing Clubs In Your Golf Bag

Most golfers have a set of golf clubs that they use day in and day out regardless of the course they are playing. I definitely fall into this category. I do not see a reason to change my clubs to suit a golf course because I do not feel that I hit the clubs not in my bag any better than the ones I already hit. I guess my narrow view on this topic is shaped by the fact that I did/do not consider this a viable approach to my golf game. I am not entirely sure I will adopt strategy, but it is something worth a discussion.


Life Lessons Using Golf Balls

I really do not have anything golf to talk about, but this is one of my favourite life lessons. I have talked about it before, but is still worth sharing!

Have a wonderful Wednesday! I agree that spending time with friends (having a beer) is always a good thing!

If nothing else, remember to be grateful and to focus on the golf balls.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Golfing With Friends Is Always A Pleasure

Golf is a contact sport. I always enjoy my time on the links with friends, especially ones I have not played a round with for many years. Our friends Kirk and Michelle were able to visit over the weekend and for this I am grateful. The visit gave Kirk and I the opportunity to hit the links. This is the first time in about five years and our time on the links was just like old times. We picked up where we left off by chatting, joking around and hitting some great shots. The time flew by and we are already planning our next outing.

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