Did I Forget Something On That Golf Shot

Have you ever had the strangest feeling that you forgot something on your last golf shot? I get that feeling from time time to time and usually it is because I did! (Kind of like forgetting to write an article to be released earlier today, but that is another story…. 🙂 ) Solving this mystery or nagging feeling is a bit challenging, but not if you have a routine that sets you up for success on each shot. Even then, I sometimes scratch my head in disbelieve as I walk the 5 yards to hit my ball again.

As an experienced golfer, I would suggest that I have an engrained pre-shot routine that is proven successful over the years. Yet, there are times after completing a shot that I cannot believe “I just did that’! Out of nowhere a poor shot of such a colossal nature decides to visit my game that I am shocked and dismayed. Of course, I try to to dwell on my error, yet it is difficult not to examine what just happened.

This is Windsor, my daughters puppy! He is such a handsome boy.

I am sad to say that after many, many such crazy shots, I have narrowed down my failures to two things: focus and time. Yup, it is as plan as the nose on Windsor’s face and yet I still cannot control these two factors 100% of the time.

The first is focus. Every golfers experiences a loss of focus on the links. Generally, I am not in the moment because thinking of other life things, not physically ready to play, side tracked by the beauty of the round, trying to take pictures for my blog, or just not feeling into golf that day. Of course there can be other reasons why I lose focus, but not matter the reason it does negatively affect my golf game. I am almost guaranteed that a miss hit is in my future if I am not in the moment when swinging a golf club. Lack of focus definitely hurts my golf score.

The second ‘drag on the ticket’ is time. I have a certain rhythm in which I like play golf. I am not talking about tempo, but the time it takes to do things related to my next shot. If I am playing too fast, I unintentionally omit something in my pre-shot routine or do not take the time to really line up a putt. I know this sounds crazy, however playing too fast or too slow can mess up my automated processes during my golf swing. The issue of time affecting my game is more on the too fast side of things, however not playing at the speed of play does cause challenges in my game.

Those two factors, focus and time, are important to my game. Either can cause me to forget something about my swing or game and that will always affect my golf score. They are something I am aware of, yet still creep into my routine on some shots. I will continue to be cognizant of them moving forward, but I am not entirely sure I will be able to always keep them at bay. Such is life of an amateur golfer.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Did I Forget Something On That Golf Shot

  1. Slow play was always a killer for me. I’ve been working on that issue for quite a while now. I figured we practice our way to a better swing, so why not practice my way to more patience. I started playing alone a lot more often and not taking up any offers to go around. And playing with people I’ve always thought were really slow more often. After pretty close to two years, I know I’m better at it today. Alone, on an open course and walking, I’ll be finished in around 2 and half hours. Give or take. It takes me just under two hours to walk 18 here at home. And when I am forced to wait, I have choices. I can sit back, shut my eyes and decompress or I can hydrate, maybe snack on something or I can pull out a lob wedge and practice short lob shots. I like doing that when waiting at the tee box between the blue and white tees. Both actions have become like optional parts of my routine rather than allow myself to get irritated or anxious. And I enjoy the game more those days now than I did before.


  2. Jim, you’ve really tapped into something here. I think the timing issue affects me the most because I get out of my pre-shot routine. A couple months ago, I was paired with two beginners and it was clear after the first hole that our normal cadence would be off. I’m used to everyone in the group hitting a tee shot, hitting an approach, and going about our business on and around the green. Well, these beginners often swung and missed or topped the ball 10 feet and I slowed way down. It affected me in the worst way. I suppose the lesson is to just play your game. Now where do you draw the line with playing your game and not being rude to your playing partners by leaving them behind? Who knows.

    Good food for thought. Thanks!


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