The Masters At Augusta in 2020

A Tradition Like No Other” is about to thrill the golfing world! Coined by Jim Nantz, this historic tournament is coveted by all professional and amateur golfers alike. With less than a month to go, the field is not set; but, more importantly, I wonder if playing The Masters in November will tarnish the traditions of this amazing golf tournament.

Played at the ultra-private Augusta National Golf Course, the venue for every Masters is known for Amen Corner, Eisenhower Tree (although it is no longer around), Rae’s Creek, Ike’s Pond, and many more. They are all picturesque and deadly at the same time. As in previous years, these famous landmarks will make or break the players over four days.

Through the years, The Masters has produced many historic memories that most golfing fanatics can recite without any hesitation. Moments like:

  • Jack Nicklaus has 6 green jackets. A bench mark that all others are measured.
  • At age 22, Tiger Woods became the youngest player ever to win the masters.
  • That in 1935, Gene Sarazen’s albatross on 15th hole is considered golf’s, “shot heard round the world”! This shot eliminated Sarazen’s 3 stroke deficit and eventually lead to a 36-hole playoff win over Craig Wood.
  • There are 17 multiple Masters winners. Only five are from outside the United States.
  • In 1978, Gary Player’s historic seven-stroke come from behind victory is still one of the most impressive feats in Masters’ history. Considered one of the greatest finishes of all time, Player birdied seven of the last 10 holes to record a 30 on the final nine.
  • In 1986, Jack Nicklaus became the oldest player to win The Masters at age 46.
  • In 2010, Phil Mickelson’s shot from behind a tree on the 13th hole to 5 feet from the pin.

Regardless of which event is your favorite, it is easy to understand why this tournament is watched by millions of viewers in hopes of seeing history unfold! The anticipation for the start of this year’s Masters is mounting.

It will all start on Wednesday, November 11, with “The Masters Jinx” event. On a side note, this is Remembrance Day and we should all be grateful to the fallen soldiers who gave their lives so we the freedom to enjoy events link The Masters. The Par 3 tournament is an opportunity for the participants to share this amazing golfing moment with their friends and family. However, players beware; no Par 3 winner has ever gone on to win The Masters in the same year!

Jack Nicklaus, and Gary Player were announced as the “Honorary Starters,” striking the ceremonial opening tee shots to officially commence the 2020 Masters. This was announced back in April and I have not read anything to the contrary. With Arnold Palmer gone for 4 years now and the age of Nicklaus and Player, I cannot help to wonder if they will start to introduce new Honorary Starters in the near future. I guess we will have to wait to find out.

Moving the Masters to November was obviously due to COVID 19. This historic golf tournament is something that many golfers wanted to see continue. I use The Masters as the starting pistol for my golf season, but this year it will the finish line. I guess that is not surprising given the topsy-turfy events in 2020. The Masters is scheduled to return to April in 2021 and hopefully will the start of things getting back to the new normal.

There will be no patrons at Augusta this year. The lack of crowds lining each hole will be different for players. There does not seem to be the same ‘buzz’ in the air with no fans; but again, thanks COVID to altering our reality. Regardless, I am hoping that the traditional excitement that The Masters garners continues this year.

The Masters is my favourite golf tournament and I look forward to watching it in November. I am hoping that the traditions of this event hold true, but we shall see. Regardless, the golf will be exciting and I am sure some amazing things will happen as it does in years past. I for one will be watching it, will you?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


7 thoughts on “The Masters At Augusta in 2020

  1. Jim, I welcome The Masters weekend in November. Couldn’t come at a better time because I’ve discontinued watching NFL.

    Going to be a little weird without fans and the roars but it’s the same golf course.




    • Brian

      At least on the golf course you can appreciate the finesse of the players and the shots they make. Football, well I have never been a fan and only watch from time to time; so there is nothing lost IMO. What made you quit watching football?

      Cheers Jim


      • Jim, I quit NFL but not college. For years I’ve felt the viewing quality has slipped. The game has gotten soft and replay has slowed things way down and the big eye in the sky has rendered the officials less effective. This year they took away my team (The Redskins), and I don’t enjoy having all the politics and social justice stuff thrown in my face. So that’s it. Just trying to relax for a few hours and get away from the all the societal garbage. It’s a wonder what four hours reclaimed on a Sunday can do for your golf game!



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      • Jim, when I was younger, I would live and die with the results of my favorite sports teams. Now I realize if you lose a game because of a bad call, it’s not the end of the world. Replay is a symptom of the need to have perfect outcomes. Not happening as long as humans are playing the games. Now in the NFL, every scoring play, turnover, and some penalties are being reviewed. No thanks.


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  2. I’ve got a painting of Amen Corner on my living room wall. I’ll be watching. I read that Bryson might be changing to a longer shaft (48″) on his driver to seek even more distance. He wants to dominate the course. I don’t blame him of course, but I’m not sure how I feel about watching the course get stomped on. If he manages it, I guess we’ll experience history in the making, but it still seems a bit like the beginning of the end of golf as we’ve known it.


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