Maybe Golf Is Not Over In 2020

Next week the weather is suppose to take a turn for the better. On a couple of days, it is suppose to be above 15° C (60° F) and for the middle of October, that is amazing. After not playing for 2 weeks, I am getting the itch to swing my clubs one more time. I am still playing ping pong in my mind about playing, but I leaning towards dusting off the sticks.

Of course, if (actually when, who are we kidding) I play, it will for the fun of the game. I have no intention of working on anything specific because it is too late in the season for anything else. Besides, it will give me a chance to play with Rick and Blair…..only if it is on Thursday. The deciding factor will be the weather; which ever day is best, that is the day I am playing.

I know I gave many reasons why I should pack it in for the season, but I just cannot give up the chance to loop Osprey Links one last time in 2020. So, playing one last time is in my future…..I hope.

After all the craziness of 2020, I figure changing my mind to play will be okay. One last golf fix will be a great thing and if Rick and Blair can make it…..well that is a good way to end my season.

If you had a chance to play one last time before the snow flies…..would you take it?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


8 thoughts on “Maybe Golf Is Not Over In 2020

  1. Of course….enjoy the heck out of it.
    Take chances on the course, play the shot you never would have tried,
    Hit the slap-hook-fade through the trees and and over the pond to save a stroke. Try putting with some outlandish grip for one hole. Hit a driver off the deck…..If a par 5 goes driver, 5 iron, wedge…hit out of sequence. Hit wedge, driver then 5 iron…
    You’ll have fun and may learn a thing or two about your game..

    Enjoy your round.

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