My Rusting Golf Game At The End Of The Golf Season

Similar to previous golf seasons, I have entered the time of year where my golf game is beginning to rust out. This inevitable process is the result of lack of practice, poor weather, and a need to focus on other aspects of my life. Specifically, I need to focus on preparing for the dreaded white cold that is inching my way. However, I will say that I am fighting the losing battle to keep my game sharp, but alas it is the nature of things.

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Opening the Door to Poor Swing Habits

Golfers in northern climes generally feel pressed for time with respect to improving their golf game. In my location, we will have a max of seven months to play golf in any given year. Generally, this is six due to weather and life, but seven months is what is available. This means that the time we have to work on our golf swing is compressed and as such many amateurs try to fix golf swing challenges quickly and that just opens the door to poor swing habits!

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My Golf Gear is Ready for Golf Season – Is Yours?

I spent two hours getting my golf equipment ready for today! There is really not much to tell, except I gave everything a rub down to remove the dust, marked two dozen golf balls (hope I do not need them all 🙂 ) placed everything in the car and I am ready to make the exciting trip to my home course of Osprey Links.

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Happy Easter in 2020!

As the sun peeks through the trees, I am reminded of all the awesome things in my life for which I am grateful! Today, like everyday, I will take the time to say thank you, practice gratitude and to cherish the many special things in my life.

This year, Easter is going to be especially difficult for people considering our current situation. However, Easter is a sign of hope for many and this year it is even more special than years past.

I wish everyone a fantastic day and hope you have the opportunity to e-connect with family and friends. I wish you all the very best and please stay safe.

Happy Easter!

Business As Usual Preparing For My 2020 Golf Season

With just over a month to go before opening season and I feel now is not the time to change my normal preparation routine. Of course, world events have shocked everyone, but I am hoping that it will be business as usual (tongue in cheek) at my local golf course. Fortunately, we still have about 4 or 5 weeks before opening day and I am hoping that some resemblance of normal will return. Regardless, I am continuing my preparation to ensure that I am ready for my first swing at Osprey Links Golf Course.

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