Maybe Golf Is Not Over In 2020

Next week the weather is suppose to take a turn for the better. On a couple of days, it is suppose to be above 15° C (60° F) and for the middle of October, that is amazing. After not playing for 2 weeks, I am getting the itch to swing my clubs one more time. I am still playing ping pong in my mind about playing, but I leaning towards dusting off the sticks.

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Dude, Where’s my Ball!

The leaves are an unexpected hazard in the fall!

Fall is an awesome time for golf! As golfers leisurely walk down a leaf filled fairway, the crunch of the fallen gems add to the ambiance of awesomeness on the course. Fall is my favorite time of the year to golf! The colours are spectacular, the air is crisp, and it beckons images of hope all the time. I am always grateful to be golfing in the fall!

However, the fall also poses challenges. The biggest drawback is the dead leaves all over the fairway and rough (I know, I am contradicting myself). They hide the ball as if it was the Treasure of the Knights Templar! I have lost balls in the fairway because of these dreadful offerings of mother nature. Normally, I would be annoyed at losing a ball in the fairway, however, at this time in the season, I am just grateful; so I just drop a ball and move on.

Now, looking for a ball in a jungle of leaves can be challenging; looking for a ball because the driver of a golf cart was not paying attention is another. On Tuesday last, we were playing an 18 hole scramble match play finals for our local intersection golf league. As we made our way down the 12th hole, I looked over at our competition and realized they were looking for their ball.

Dude, Where is my Ball?!As a per normal, I made my way over and started to help search out their wayward ball. After about 4 minutes, they worked their way over to their cart. As they jumped in the cart from the passenger’s side I looked over and saw a ball sitting beside the back tire. I calmly asked if it was their ball and by the embarrassed look on the driver’s face, I knew it was.

It is interesting how the driver did not see the ball considering he almost ran it over. I think that it was covered by a leaf and as he drove up to the ball, the leaf was blow away. Regardless, after a quick chuckle (and a few jabs from the driver’s partner), we all went back to playing our match. The match was great fun, the company was excellent, and the results were awesome! Guess who won?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links.