Fighting the Urge to Change for the Sake of Changing

It is that time again, Mid January / Early February. I get in my head and start to think about what I need to change to get ready for the 2020 golf season. Unfortunately, I am like a hamster spinning a wheel in my mind, but never really accomplishing much. It is a difficult time for many golfers in the northern climes and one I try to temper!


Wishing Does Not Create a Solid Golf Game; It is All About Deliberate Practice!

When I first had the idea for this article, I thought about the 10000 hour rule. For those not familiar, it was made famous by Malcolm Gladwell in his book “Outliers”. However, I found out that it is a theory first started with an article in American Scientist by Herbert Simon and William Chase. I was going to talk about putting in time and now my article has morphed in to writings about “deliberate practice”. Read on and be amazed 😉

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Can You Shape Your Golf Shot at Will?

I was watching some golf clips yesterday and notice that most professionals have fantastic control on how they shape the ball. It seems that most focus on using a draw, but the real great players have control of how far and how much shape they put on the ball. Personally, I hit the ball straight most of the time and rarely try to shape the ball. It is a skill I have, but not something I rely on because it is not as effective as I need to score well. Having said that, can you shape your golf shot at will?

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A Great Golf Message From – "Golf is Mental"

I do try to read as many golf blogs as possible. The provide me with great information and sometimes inspiration for my writings. This is the case from Josh at Golf is Mental and his article “When Less is More”! I recommend you head over to his site and read this (and other articles); they provide some great insight for amateur golfers looking to improve their game.

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Jump To Conclusions and Fail

Golf is a game of decisions. The development of a good decision process leads to a strong course management capability. They do go hand in hand and are not mutually exclusive. They have to compliment each other to lower your handicap and shot your best scores. Unfortunately, many of us, myself included, deviate from the process and jump to conclusions that cause us no end of grief. It really is a frustrating time when I venture down the path poor decisions, especially if I compound one bad decision with another.

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