Sage Golf Advice From A Grateful Golfer

A regular reader of The Grateful Golfer offered some sage advice that I felt I needed to share. Kevin, provided a list of things (his mantra) follows to shot lower golf scores. His response to my post yesterday was full of great points that golfers at all experience levels could heed and benefit. Thanks Kevin for your words of wisdom; keep them coming.

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Does A Routine Help Or Hinder Your Golf Game?

Having a routine on and off the golf course is a process that allows any player to focus on their golf game. Routine is the cornerstone of great golf because it encourages players to improve on their strengths and step out of their comfort zone. Yet, I wonder if rigidly following any routine will drive players towards developing a rut and just going through the motions. This can be a challenge on and off the course and something that all players should be cognizant about as they travel down their own path to lower golf scores.

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Does Your Pre-shot Routine Change With The Weather

Image may contain: tree, sky, snow, outdoor and nature, text that says 'Winter is here!'

This morning the blanket of white arrived and is likely to stay until April 2021. We are hoping for a bit of break over the next few weeks, but essentially Winter is Here!

That is okay, it was a matter of time and it is not unexpected. I did, however, feel a shift in my mood this morning. With the snow finally here and the waiting over, I realize that my morning routine shifted gears. I am not sure why, but the change in weather has changed how I look at things. As such, I am a little slower and less inclined to rush out of the house to the great outdoors. And of course, that got me thinking of my golf game!

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Did I Forget Something On That Golf Shot

Have you ever had the strangest feeling that you forgot something on your last golf shot? I get that feeling from time time to time and usually it is because I did! (Kind of like forgetting to write an article to be released earlier today, but that is another story…. 🙂 ) Solving this mystery or nagging feeling is a bit challenging, but not if you have a routine that sets you up for success on each shot. Even then, I sometimes scratch my head in disbelieve as I walk the 5 yards to hit my ball again.

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Fighting To Score Low During A Great Round

Fighting to score low or grinding out a score is nothing new to any golfer. We have all played rounds where every shot down the stretch was as stretch. Some of the pressure was mental….actually lets face it; it is all mental. This post is not about finding your mental strength, although that would be a great topic, it is about focusing on the things that alleviate your worries about making each shot. There is a plethora of possibilities, but I have a few proven activities that works very well for my game.

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