Lifting Your Club Before Starting Your Back Swing

There are many conventions on how to start your back swing. I think over the years, I have tried them all. Straight arm, hinge wrist, push out, or draw in……they all had the magic cure to my swing woes. As it turned out, none of them actually helped much and so now I draw the club back on a normal swing plane and try to keep everything aligned. However, my back swing starts with my club resting on the ground. After watching Justin Thomas, I am not sure I am doing the right thing.  Continue reading

Is it Really a Practice Swing?

A practice swing is part of my pre-shot routine. I learned long ago that without it, my game suffers. In addition to the physical benefits, it also helps set up my mental preparation for my shot. Interestingly, I have two pre-shot routines that involve my “practice swing”. It is because of this I wonder what am actually practicing during my pre-shot routine. There seems to be a quandary that needs discussing! Continue reading

Is Routine Hurting Your Golf Scores

Talk to any serious golfer and they will tell you that routine is a large component of their game. Routine establishes a rhythm conducive to low scores. As a single digit player, I am in complete agreement with routine is a benefit to my game. However, routine for the sake of routine is not good for my game and actually hurts my ability to score low. Therefore, routine is a double-edged sword that is good and bad for my game. How can this be? Continue reading

The 2018 Masters – My Final Thoughts

For four days, I was captivate by the stellar play at The Masters. Everyday provided something fun and interesting to talk about regardless of who you were cheering for. I could go on and on about specific shots, but I noticed something that was completely the same regardless of the player, score, or location on the course. It is not something I ever really noticed before, but I can assure you that every professional golfer does the same thing; I wonder if they teach this habit at pro-school or something and professional golfers have to master it before being invited to the PGA Tour? Continue reading

Pacing Off Your Putt

If you ever watch a great putter like Steve Stricker, his routine is very methodical. As with other great players, they attempt to recreate the same conditions through out their pre-shot routine to increase their consistency when executing their putt. I am a very strong proponent of this and try to use the same method of putting all the time. Regardless of the length (except tap ins of course), I have a step by step routine of putting. I am happy to say that it works very well and I rarely make adjustments. Continue reading