Same Golf Swing With Different Clubs

The topic of using a different swing for different golf clubs often arises when chatting with my friends. Because each club is designed for a different purpose and distance, many feel that a different style of swing is warranted. It is an interesting concept, but not one that I do not subscribe too because I have a difficult enough time maintaining one swing. I will make a disclaimer about this topic: this discuss centers around a full swing and full swings only. Having established the parameters of our discussion, I think I understand where the confusion arises for most amateurs and it really has nothing to do with the actual swing mechanics. The challenge centers around their setup and expected results.

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Gripping My Golf Club Too Tight

Grip it and rip it! Let the big dog eat! Swing Away! I guess I could go on, but you must be getting the idea of a theme by now. As my 45+ year golf journey unfolded, the advice of the experts was to grip my golf club tight enough to hold on to it during my entire swing. The challenge with that advice is that it really does not explain how to accomplish this important swing technique. Just how tight is tight enough because I do not want to lose my club during my swing from the force during all phases of my swing plane. It really can be a challenge for beginners to understand what gripping the club just right means to executing my most efficient swing. So, what does gripping my club too tight actually mean?

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Rushing Your Golf Swing For No Reason

Golf is a game of tempo. There is no one correct tempo that fits everyone’s game, but there is that one correct tempo that fits your game. I have one as well and I know when I am in the groove by how I feel hitting through the ball. To be fair, my tempo does fluctuate slightly from round to round, but for the most part it is very consistent. What I do find frustrating during a round is when I rush my shot for no reason. It dumbfounds me when it happens because this wayward shot comes out of left field and usually disappears as quickly as it arrives. Regardless, any rushed shot for no reason has no place in my game and I forbid it from ever coming back!


Follow Through On All Your Golf Shots!

One of the most underrated aspect of our golf swing is the follow through. I have watched so many different versions of this critical move that I am confident that the follow through is an after thought for most amateurs. Years ago I know that I was focused on the position of my club at the top of my swing vice where it finished. As my knowledge and understanding of grew, I realized that my overlooking my follow through, I was negating all the effort I made in the other aspects of my swing. Well, I am here to say that if you do not have an understanding of your follow through, you are likely holding back your golf game.

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How To Play Your Best Golf

Every golfer has a unique journey the is riddled with rough patches brushed over with outstanding results. It is the natural order of things there is only one way to play your best golf. Play golf like Tiger Woods or Jack Nicklaus or Bobby Jones; it is as simple as that. Obviously, this is an over simplification but if you can play like these legends then I tip my hat to your game. The problem that most golfers is that they try to play golf by aping a swing that they really cannot perform. I have followed that path myself until I learn a very import lesson that completely altered my approach and perspective of how to play my best golf!

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