The Three “T” For Creating An Effortless Golf Swing

I set a goal this year to increase my distance off the tee by at least 10 yards. I believe, although I am getting older, that this distance goal is a reasonable milestone that I can achieve without having to redesign my entire golf swing. I think I have a fundamentally strong swing and as such I am looking to tweak minor aspects of my game. Fortunately, I was introduced to the three “T” to help develop power and possibly achieve one of my 2021 goals.

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Flipping The Club Head At Impact

Does your golf swing lead to a tendency to flip the club head through impact? Do find that you are losing distance and ball control because of the way your hands react at the bottom of your swing? These and many more challenges happen when players develop counter moves to their poor swing techniques and flipping the club through impact is on of the more common mistakes. Generally, players with a poor takeaway, as seen in the video below, and weak club head control find themselves struggling with the flip. Chris Ryan explains how to correct this swing challenge in simple and understandable terms. Take a look.

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The Golf Swing: A Never Ending Journey To Perfection

If anyone asks, my golf swing is perfect. I have worked on it for many years and finally feel that it is the best it can be! Yup, there is no question that right now your are either laughing, shaking your head, or spit up your coffee! If you are an avid golfer like myself, your golf swing is always in a state flux. As competitive golfers, we continually search for that one nugget that will improve our golf swing and lower of golf scores. It really is a never ending journey to perfection!

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Creating Lag and Adding Distance in Golf

I am currently focusing on increasing lag in my swing to add extra distance to my golf shots. This particular skill is something that I really need to improve upon because as I get older, a controlled swing with more lag will keep me hitting the ball longer and straighter. However, as I delved into this topic, I found that the term ‘lag’ is deceiving and could easily confuse the new player. I determined that fact because I was a bit confused and so I thought it needed to be cleared up.

After looking around I found this definition of ‘lag’ that I understand and best describes what it means to me:

Effectively, lag is shorthand for the angle between the club, wrists and arms. It’s formed by having the correct order of the arms, wrists and club head as the club come around into impact. Often we can become obsessed with trying to generate all of our power from the turning, spinning and torqueing of the body, but if you don’t have your arms and club in the correct order to hit it’s all completely pointless.

So basically, I am trying to create a 90° angle or box according to Ernie Els in order to create the power generating lag in my golf swing. Interestingly, The Big Easy has a smooth controlled swing that produces tremendous power on contact. Here take a look:

Now that I fully understand what lag means, I need a few drills that I can do to create more lag in my golf swing. On a side note, being a 3 handicap does not mean that my swing is permanently grooved; what it means is that I am consistent, but still have many areas of improvement; Lag is one of mine.

I wanted to find a few drills that I could do at home and in my DIY driving net. Simple, repeatable, and effective are three things I look for in any golf drill and I found this video from the Golf Channel:

The interesting aspect of looking to create lag is that it shifts my focus of my golf swing from increasing shoulder turn (which is an important part of any golf swing) to improving my swing mechanics. This change, along with the others I want to make during the off season, will keep me busy until opening day. The trick moving forward is to develop a training plan that will help accomplish my lofty goals.

Do you ever work on lag in your golf swing?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

How Active Are Your Legs In Your Golf Swing

The golf swing has so many moving components, that it is a challenge to determine which areas are dominant during our golf swing. I can say for sure that I do not use my lets as much as I should when hitting driver and that might be a challenge I can fix in my DIY golf net. This is not an ‘ah-ha’ moment, just one of the many aspects of my golf swing that I know needs attention. I am writing about my shortfall because I came across a video by Michelle Wie on this very topic and I thought that it was worth sharing.

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