Help My Hands Hurt

At the start of every golf season, my hands hurt. I am not complaining….well, maybe just a little….because I am back on the links. Yet, it hurts in the same place all the time. The pinky of my right hand and index finger of my left. It lasts about a week and it does have a negative impact on my ability to practice and play. But, I have to ask myself……WHY?

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How To Hit A Golf Shot Poorly

I bet you were expecting something else from my daily musings than what I am indicating from the title. I bet if you did a quick search, you would be overwhelmed by the number of articles claiming they have the answer to everything. As you know, from reading many of my articles, I like to talk golf and most of my conclusions are things that work for me; and I like sharing my thoughts with you just in case they are helpful. Believe it or not, I know how to hit a poor golf shot 100% of the time and this might be the most important piece of information I have ever shared at The Grateful Golfer.

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The Greatness of a Controlled Golf Swing

There are so many thoughts and ideas on what a great golf swing should look like, that I easily become overwhelmed by a deluge of information. As I sift through the murk and mire of data, I quickly realize that a controlled swing is really my ultimate goal to lowering my golf scores. I continue to work on my golf swing to ensure that that I understand all the aspects the golf swing so I can optimize it to my capabilities. And that is crux of the matter to produce greatness in a controlled golf swing.

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Finishing Your Golf Swing

This might seem like a natural thing, but I notice recently that I do not always finish my golf swing high or in the right position. I am not sure why I do this from time to time, but it happens and generally the results are not good. It happens with all my clubs except my putter and I cannot, for the life of me, think of why I do this!

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But This Is The Way We Have Always Done This!

Man, how I hate this statement. I am not a person who seeks change for change sake, yet I am not a person to sit back and let inefficiency rule the day. At work, the statement “But This Is The Way We Have Always Done This” is said when people resistant to change (or do not know a better way) are challenged on any specific process and do not know why they follow the process. Additionally, they are not interested in changing because it is easier to keep doing things the old way whether it makes sense or not.

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