Late Start and Wet Conditions On Day One At The Masters

As anticipated, the start to the 2020 Masters was rocky. I guess it only makes sense considering how the 2020 unfolded and continually assailed our sensibilities. Why should The Masters be any different…..right! I watched some of the play and noticed many players firing darts at the pins and ball not releasing. This situation set up many lower than normal scores, with the top ranked players not being able to complete their round. It leaves me wondering what today holds.

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Properly Hitting A Fairway Wood From The Short Grass

Hitting a fairway wood properly is critical to my game. Over the years, I have tried to maximize my distance from the short grass with better than average success. Recently, I have been challenged to make proper contact that has resulted in the loss of about 10 or 15 yards. My recent change of a slower back swing has helped, but reading an article from Golf Digest about how Tiger Woods likes to hit down with his fairway woods strikes home with me.

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So You Think You Can Hit A Stinger

I can say without question I rarely use a stinger golf shot. It is not one of those things that I have practiced much either, but I feel I can hit one if I have too. I want to thank Kevin for today’s inspiration because he sent me the video at the end of this article. Can you hit a stinger on command?

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Doing the Tiger Woods Twirl

If you like watch older golf videos of great players, then you likely have watched the Tiger Twirl. This happens when Tiger Woods hits a fantastic shot and spins his club around in a sort of celebration type move. It really is cool to watch and in his younger years he really put a lot of effort into this particular aspect of his showmanship. I am not sure it was intention, but it sure is fun to watch.

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The Perfect Golf Swing: The Impossible Made Possible

Most golfers are searching for the perfect golf swing. It is one of those elusive goals that never seems to diminish over the many years of playing. Over the past 10 years or so, many top level golfers have turned to the systematic approach to improving their swing. The reliance on numbers and statistics (on and off the course) drives many of the minor changes in a professional golfers swing. I do not see this changing anytime soon, but unfortunately the systematic approach may not be as beneficial to amateurs who have other stressors in their lives that prevents them from dedicating the time and money to finding their perfect golf swing. Continue reading