Wishing Tiger Woods A Healthy Recovery

Since Tiger Woods’ car accident two days ago, the golfing world / sporting world held their breath wondering how serious his accident really was. I purposely stayed out of the conversation and did not speculate on anything relating to Woods’ lastest setback. Today, I just want to send Tiger positive healing thoughts and wish him a healthy recovery. It is really a challenge to express how fragile life really is and to think of the scope of this situation.


Rule 15.1a – Removal of Loose Impediment

This particular rule has changed play since it was refined in the 2019 new golf rules release. Basically, any player can remove a loose impediment through the green; so this includes hazards. This is a break from the previous rules and for the most part, I think this is a good change and will help many players improve their game. Specifically, I want to talk about what constitutes a loose impediment. Because history shows that this definition can be applied in very loose contexts.

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Playing Golf With Your Dad or Mom

Watching the practice round of Tiger Woods and his son Charlie at the 2020 PNC Championship sure brings back some fond memories. In my early years I had the honour of playing golf with my Dad, but alas we never had the opportunity to play in a tournament. That was reserved from my Mom about 10 years later. Whether in competition or playing in a friendly, I can say that those rounds were priceless!

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“Clubs Have Changed A Ton”

The innovation in club technology over the past 40 years is almost unmeasurable. The science of golf, rooted in physics, as allowed amateur players to maximize distance of poorly hit golf balls. Don’t get me wrong, I am a player that has benefited from new technology, but I learned to play with clubs that needed to be hit squarely on the club face; so, that has benefited my game today. In the words of Tiger Woods: “Clubs have changed a ton!”

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Late Start and Wet Conditions On Day One At The Masters

As anticipated, the start to the 2020 Masters was rocky. I guess it only makes sense considering how the 2020 unfolded and continually assailed our sensibilities. Why should The Masters be any different…..right! I watched some of the play and noticed many players firing darts at the pins and ball not releasing. This situation set up many lower than normal scores, with the top ranked players not being able to complete their round. It leaves me wondering what today holds.

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