Old School Chipping Tips Still Work

With the continuous evolution of golf equipment many players are probably wondering if the old school tips still work. Has the golf swing changed or are the new innovations just building on what worked all along. In the case of chipping, the touted wrist lock is still relevant and I recommend you if you do not use it if you are not already doing so.

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Putting and Chipping Indoors

During the five months of cold snowy weather to come, I am going to dedicate some of my time to putting and chipping in my basement. I have all the kit to putt, but do not have a chipping mat. I looked around for a great deal and have not found one that suits my needs for the price I want to pay. So, I think I am going to try and build one! Continue reading

I Am Shocked About The Results of This Golf Poll!

I ask questions all the time on Twitter and generally I have a good sense as the answer. Well, that was true until now; I asked a question about a player’s favorite golf shot and I can say that I am surprised as to their response. Let’s just say that this would have been my last choice! Continue reading

Chipping Practice – Always Learning Something

Practice is the cornerstone to great golf. It allows everyone to try different methods of making different shots. Practice helps players iron out the kinks and create a repeatable swing under pressure. Practice helps players prepare to shoot low golf scores.

Two days ago, I hit the range to work on my ball striking and more importantly my short game. After hitting a large bucket of balls (which really did not help my game much) I headed to the chipping area. I was intent working on my weight distribution and ball position. Continue reading

Golf Drill – Chipping Drill Using Practice Flags

Simple golf drills are the best! With 15 minutes of chipping practice before my round, I try to simulate what I will experience on the course. This drill uses the available course equipment and works all three of my Titleist Vokey wedges.

I like to start with my gap wedge, then sand wedge and finish with my lob wedge. I keep the same launch spot for all the shots for consistency of aim during all the chips. This drill follows the KISS theory and I use it almost every time I warm up.
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