My Review Of The Windermere Golf and Country Club

The moment I stepped onto the grounds of the Windermere Golf and Country Club, I was impressed. Everything about the course screamed pride of ownership and professionalism. As I surveyed the property waiting for our tee time, it was evident that Windermere was not some run of the mill golf course. The day was going to be more than just golf, it was going to be a whole golfing experience. I was introduced to Jim Rennie by my friend and playing partner Mike. It was easy to see why the staff at Windermere were professional and courteous because Jim was the epitome of these characteristics. From the very beginning, our golf experience was proving to be very memorable. And the whole day only improved as we hit the links.

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Golf Course Architects – Pete Dye

Social media is a buzz with condolences and prayers for Pete Dye’s family. As an avid golfer, most would be surprised that I have shown very little interest in golf course architecture. It has never interested my golfing thoughts and as such I have pretty much left this area of discussion to those who have more knowledge. Having said that, I would be remiss to not mention the passing of one of the greatest golf course architects in the modern era.

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Golf Course Review: North Granite Ridge Golf Club

Mike and Jim at the first hole!

Recently, I had the pleasure of playing a course in my local area. On Sunday morning past, my friend Mike called and asked if I wanted to play North Granite Ridge near Port Sydney. To my dismay, I had to look up this great track because I had never heard it before. After looking at the course on line, I jumped at the chance to play at this ‘new to me’ course and playing North Granite Ridge met one of my goals to play 5 ‘new to me’ courses in 2019. Thanks Mike for giving me a call and letting me join you for 27 holes of fun!

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Customer Service at Seguin Valley Golf Club

Jim and Blair at Seguin Valley Golf Club

Recently, I was invited to play a round of golf by Darwin Howard at the Seguin Valley Golf Club. Darwin offered the full Seguin Valley experience and my friend Blair and I decided to take him up on his generous offer. The trip consisted of 1 nights accommodation, supper, breakfast and a round of golf! After figuring out the final logistics, Blair and I headed out to Parry Sound in the pouring rain on  Monday. We were excited to play Seguin Valley on Tuesday, but we really did not know what expect; I can assure you, we were not disappointed! Continue reading

Salt Creek Golf Links

Today I am playing Salt Creek Golf Links. Located near the small town of Warkworth, it is a course I have not heard of until recently. It is one of the many courses in my area and a friend has invited me to hit the links with him. I am not sure what to expect from Salt Creek, but it looks like one of those fun tracks that might just surprise us.

One of the reasons for playing Salt Creek is to enjoy different courses in our area. It is important to support these smaller tracks so that golf will continue to thrive. I am going into today’s game with an open mind and positive expectations of a fun round. If nothing else, the company will be great and laughs will be had by all!
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