My First Match Play Win Of 2022

As I have in the past, I organized a match play tournament at my home course of Mattawa Golf and Ski Club. It is a very small event and the players that joined were looking for something new to do. Yesterday, I was fortunate to play my first match against Gary. He is a 77 year old man who just loves to play golf. Now before you roll your eyes, Gary is a stick and I had to play a strong round to get my first Match Play win of 2022.

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Running A Match Play Event At The Mattawa Golf and Ski Resort

As in years past, I am running a fun, members only, stroke match play event at the Mattawa Golf and Ski Resort starting 9 August. This year’s event is free and the prize is bragging rights. Because I am new to the Mattawa course, I am a bit late getting things off the ground. We are only running a stroke event because it is no way to confirm the players handicaps. Regardless, it should be a fun time and the draw will be determined at random once I have gather all the names.

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