Stop Chasing Your Golf Game!

I learned a valuable lesson many years ago that chasing my golf game was a waste of time. During this dark period of my career (about 20 years ago), I would try any new technique regardless how silly it was; fortunately, I did not have the money to chase equipment or I would have done that as well. I wasted so much time that now I look back and wonder if I would be a better player if I had learned this valuable lesson sooner. Continue reading


4 Putts Wins the Day

What is the greatest number of putts you have made on one hole? I asked this innocent question a couple of days back and I was not surprised to see that 4 was the most popular answer! I can honestly say that I have 5 putted once, but that was a very long time ago. Now, a three putt is the most shoot on one hole. Continue reading

The Experts Say: Replace Your Divots

Replacing our divots is considered gospel where I play golf. It is a habit I adopted early in my playing career and have never stopped. Whether to replace divots is often debated, so I reached out to my friend Jeremy Sizer who was the Superintendent at Roundel Glen Golf Course (Trenton, ON) and Assistant Superintendent at Wildfire Golf Club (Peterborough, ON). The day I asked the question if we should replace divots, he was hosting a working group with other Ontario Golf Course Superintendents. He graciously posed the question to the this group of dedicated experts that tirelessly work to make my time on the links priceless.

Continue reading

Benjamin Franklin and Golf

Benjamin Franklin is one of the famous people in history. His resume is long and his inventions still provide the foundations of today’s society. But one quote in particular sums up all successful golfers. It is not profound if someone tells it to you, but when you see it in print, it really hits home. Continue reading