Keeping the Birdie Streak Alive

Have you ever played a string of holes where birdies came easily. I have from time to time (most ever is 4 in a row) and after two, I start to pay attention to how well I am playing. This is where the streak generally ends….when I start to pay attention. Without out a doubt, this is a mental issue and one if have found a solution too! Yup, I think I have solved this challenge and for good.

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Putting Tips From Rick Shiels

I follow Rick on YouTube. I find that he is very good at explaining the technical aspects of his topic and thus it is easy for me to follow. I came across this 6 minute video on putting. Interestingly, I do all the things he mentions to some degree when I put. Therefore, instead of me trying to explain everything, I thought I would let Rick show you.


Measuring Distances By Walking

This is not a new topic, but I do have a bit of different twist to the answer. Playing old school, before all the electronic devices showed up, means walking of all distances from a yardage marker. The longest distance I ever measured was 75 yards and that is because I could only find the blue 200 yard marker. The white and red markers were missing. So, not to be denied I paced off 75 steps, leaving 125 yards to the middle of the green. Makes sense….right?

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A Great Golf Message From – "Golf is Mental"

I do try to read as many golf blogs as possible. The provide me with great information and sometimes inspiration for my writings. This is the case from Josh at Golf is Mental and his article “When Less is More”! I recommend you head over to his site and read this (and other articles); they provide some great insight for amateur golfers looking to improve their game.

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