Forgetting The Basics Is Costly in Golf

Most golfers have an understanding that hitting a golf ball in the center of the club face is important. It is a basic tenant to launching the ball, yet we amateurs seem to forget this critical fact when swinging away. We do many different physical contortions in attempts to gain distance, but leave out contact as a key factor. I wonder why that is?

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Different Golf Swings – Pt2

Last night during my indoor golf league at Rhino Sports, I realized that a different golf swing is required for different course conditions. It was strange, but I had to adjust my swing to fit the hard playing surface of the indoor simulator to get distance with my clubs!

Normally, I trap the ball as seen in the video below. I have found that trapping the ball offers more distance and better control with my irons. However, this style of swing does not fit my woods or hybrids; so like many players I play a more of a sweeping swing with them. Continue reading