Poor Dispersion Limits An Amateur’s Golf Score

Most golfers understand that hitting their ball consistently is important to lower golf scores. This fact is not something that should be overlooked when trying to improve the quality of our game. But, what exactly does consistent ball striking mean and more importantly how can I measure my success in this this area. The term being bantered around to quantify good ball striking is dispersion. This one term encompasses so many variables that it is easy to become overwhelmed. My goal for today is to dispel the fog around about dispersion and set you straight on the path of lower golf scores.

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Can You Tell If You Made A Great Golf Shot?

The most obvious tell of a great golf shot is the results. It is a tangle but metric that every golfer can identify. I would challenge aspiring golfers to open their focus, remove the blinders, and be open to other methods of what constitutes a great golf shot. It might will challenge some paradigms, yet it is worth exploring if we want to gain a deeper appreciation of our golf game. The challenge for many is the ‘how’ of noticing a great golf shot when the end results does not scream in our ears.

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Refining Your Wedge Play For Lower Golf Scores

Hitting consistent accurate wedges is the key to lower golf scores. Often referred to as scoring clubs, hitting the proper wedge, the right distance, at the correct height is a skill that I have worked on for years. In my mind, I think I understand the mechanics to hitting great wedges, but it is never a bad idea to revisit (or learn for the first time) how to control the height of a golf shot with a specific specific wedge. Being able to manipulate the trajectory by adjusting the angle of attack of an approach shot is an advanced skill, but one every golfer will need to eventually know.

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Remembering The Right Things To Do When Chipping

After chipping 500 golf balls over the last five days, I am finally starting to remember what makes my chipping successful. After clanging, sculling, mishitting, and chili dipping, I am finally starting to feel like I am on the right track. I figure I still have another couple of thousand chips to go, but I am getting there!

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Golf Equipment: Which Driver is Best for You

Selecting the proper golf equipment for your game is tantamount to low golf scores. Ill-fitted clubs causes a loss of distance, accuracy issues, and inconsistency in your game. This is especially true for the longer clubs. Over the past 1.5 years, I have experienced the exact problem with my driver after I was fitted with my current Titleist 915 and have never hit it well. (On a side note, all my other fitted clubs are awesome) I am positive it is not a mental issue, but the fact the driver does not fit my game. Continue reading