Apparently, Ball Hawking Is A Sport!

We have all done it, yes you know what I mean; we have all ball hawked at one time or another. We walk along the edge of the woods, “keeping out of the sun”, searching for that elusive with white treasure. When spotted we excitedly drop our clubs and zip into the forest hoping it is a quality ball we can use at the next water hole. Alas, it is not and it goes into the shag bag. Now before you deny anything, stop and really think about it; have you ever searched for golf balls while walking the course? Continue reading

Using Used Golf Balls

A couple of posts ago, I asked from where you bought your golf balls. There was varied responses, but most players understand the value of not using old re-purposed golf balls. Personally, I am in total agreement with this idea, but I understand the value of using cheaper equipment.

However, yesterday I saw something that goes a bit further than buying second-hand golf balls. I mean, we all use balls we find on the course. We look at it and determine its condition before deciding on whether to put the ball in our bag or not. Is there a chance that some players take this concept just a bit too far? Continue reading

Filling in Time on the Golf Course!

Ball Hawking - spending time on a golf course.

Ball Hawking – spending time on a golf course.

How do you fill in your time when playing golf? I am not talking about course management, your pre-shot routine, or focused intent on playing well. You know, the time when you are waiting for your shot because the group ahead is so slow that you can measure their pace by the changing of the seasons!

Some players, especially lately, pull out their cell phone. Others practice chipping along the fairway. And still some will play several balls just to slow their pace of play down. I have a friend, Mike, who has an entirely different solution.

Mike is a ball magnet! He can walk into the most conspicuous of locations and walk out with a handful of golf balls.

Mike Ball Hawking

Only 17 golf balls this time!

Mike is not your ordinary ball hawker, he is the best I have ever seen. For an example, over a month ago there was charity tournament at our local course. Two days later he played a round of golf with his brother and walked away with over 100 golf balls! Yesterday, we playing and he walked away with two dozen balls. It seems no matter where he goes, golf balls stick to him like glue.

Having said that, Mike sometimes takes ball hawking to another level! He walks into the rough (or deeper) and the next thing we know, he is blazing a trail along the Amazon Valley picking up ball after ball! He never holds up play and he definitely shares what he finds. I find it quite amusing and laugh when he walks out with a handful of white gold!

There are plenty of ways to spend time on a golf course. Ball hawking is just one way to pass the time while waiting for the group ahead to play. For those that are wondering, my normal group (including Mike) play 18 holes in about 3 hours and 10 minutes. We play quickly and at a pace we all enjoy. So playing behind a group who plays in 4+ hours affords us extra time to talk, practice various shots and ball hawk.

So back to my original question, How do you fill in your time when playing golf?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!