Golfers Avoiding Other Sports

Do you avoid participating in other sports because you are afraid it will hurt your golf swing? I guess it depends on how avid of a duffer you really are to take things that seriously. I am lucky because I never really played sports like baseball, hockey, or tennis enough where those swing techniques crept into my golf game. However, at my current stage in life, I definitely would avoid all three. Golf is my focus and I do not need competing swing techniques. Do you?

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Baseball Hands!

A friend of mine is a very athletic.  She plays multiple sports and has recently taken up golf.  One of her best sports is baseball.  Her technique to play baseball is fundamentally sound and she has enjoyed much success playing the sport.  This is where the challenge begins.

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I have watched her play golf and her address to the ball is very good.  Her stance is good.  She has a deliberate lower body motion, although sometimes she likes to take a step like in baseball. She has good hip rotation and a strong follow through.  Unfortunately, she always hits the ball right.  I mean right, about 45 degrees off the tee.  It is not a slice, but travels straight right.

I have watched her hands and according to winnbaseball she loads her hands and delays contact through the ball….just like baseball players should.  “It is EXTREMELY important not to let the hands come forward in the process of the stride.  The knob of the bat should remain over the back foot  until after the stride foot has landed.”  Well, her golf swing definitely has this delay component in it.

Interestingly QC Bseball says, “Remember relaxed muscles will react quicker than tense muscles. So if you want to have a quick bat, relax those hands which in turn will help you relax at the plate.”  This is similar in golf and is a positive aspect when comparing the baseball and golf swing.

Well back to the problem.  I have suggested that my friend rotate her grip to the right to allow the club face to close during contact.  This has helped some and she hit a few balls straight and long.  But, this is not a permanent fix.  She loves golf and is trying to improve all the time, so this is where I need some help.

Before anyone asks, my first suggestion was to take lessons from one of the local pros and she has, but she wants to work on this current problem a bit before going back for another.

Therefore, does anyone have any suggestions, tips, or drills that will help fix my friends baseball hands?

I am a grateful golfer!  See you on the links!