The Golf Science Geek

Are you that golfer who loves to understand the science behind every movement of the golf swing? You try to determine the optimal aspect of every movement to ensure that you are hitting the ball the best you can. There is something to be said about this approach to golf swing mechanics, but I think that it is far too complicated for the average player and more basic scientific approach to golf is required. Let me explain:

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Science of a Golf Swing

The golf swing is amazing. I have studied the almost every aspect of it and thought that I had some of the answers. As I mature as a golfer, I want to know more about the why, than the how when studying a golf swing. I came across this video that really helps me understand the science of generating power which equates into distance when playing golf.

The scientific principles of note are double pendulum, centrifugal force, and torque. After watching the video below, I had several “oh yeah” moments where I understood how these principles affect my golf swing. The more I study, the more I understand that my education was more about how to swing a club, but not why to do it. By understanding the why, I will be able to dissect my swing to make the minor adjustments required to become a better golfer.

What do you think? Did anything in the video give you that “oh yeah” moment?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!