The One Golf Shot Every Player Needs In The Bag

If you ask experienced golfers which shot they feel that every player needs, I bet the overwhelming response would be the same. Anyone who has played golf for any length of time has lived through the requirement of this shot and paid the piper for not having it in their bag. Personally, my game suffered until I decided to focus on learning and refining it over may years of effort. Other than a great putting stroke, as a beginner I believe that all beginners should learn how to chip the ball from 25 yards or closer to the pin. This shot is a stroke saver and should be in everyone’s golf bag.

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Switching Clubs From Different Lies When Chipping

If you have tried to research anything information on switching clubs when chipping, I am sure you have encountered a plethora of options, techniques, and possibilities. While warming up before yesterdays round, I went through my normal routine of placing my ball in different depths in order to practice using different clubs to the same distance. My technique is very simple. The deeper the rough around the ball, the higher loft club I use to ensure I make clean contact on the ball. It works very well and it something that I can control on a regular basis.

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Hitting The Ground First When Chipping

I stumbled across this video from MeandMyGolf regarding when to make contact on the ground while chipping. They explain the different thought processes and techniques in the video below, but what struck my attention is their discussion about bounce. Kevin, a daily follower at The Grateful Golfer, asked about bounce just the other day. How fortuitous that I found the instructional video.


A Different Golf Swing Almost Every Day

Have you ever noticed that your golf swing can change from day to day? Some days it is a smooth as silk and others we cut more wood than Paul Bunyan. I have no rhyme or reason as to the differences, but it happens. The good thing about knowing that our swing changes, I think it is important to be able to adjust my on course strategy to account for swing discrepancies. It is the nature of golf and every played should be able to go with the flow!

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Playing Golf at Three Quarter Speed

As I return from a back injury, I decided to play at 3/4 speed for the first 18 holes. It was amazing that I really did not lose much in distance (actually hit some farther than normal) or accuracy. I learned several things other aspects of my game that I feel is definitely worth sharing. It was very enlightening for me and as such, I will use what I learned yesterday to improve my game moving forward.

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