Get The Ball Rolling…..Or Not!

Chipping, like putting, is a very personal skill that most golfers have developed to one degree or another. Over the past few years, I adopted the practice of getting the ball rolling as quickly as possible around the green. I believe that this technique saves me strokes, but I realize that not all players feel the same way; it is a matter of choice.

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Chipping Tip: Keeping My Head Still

One of the important chipping tips I discovered is to keep my head still. Not down, but still. There is huge difference between the two and I will expand on that later. Making solid contact in the middle of my club face is always my goal. And over the years I have tinkered many different stances, grips, head positions, and ball positions. Yet, my successes continue to be hinged on one important swing trait: keeping my head still.

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Hitting The Ground First When Chipping

I stumbled across this video from MeandMyGolf regarding when to make contact on the ground while chipping. They explain the different thought processes and techniques in the video below, but what struck my attention is their discussion about bounce. Kevin, a daily follower at The Grateful Golfer, asked about bounce just the other day. How fortuitous that I found the instructional video.


Chipping Success With My 7 Iron

This year I adopted the use of my 7-iron whenever possible. I have found that I this particular club (my friend Rick uses an 8-iron with the same success) has allowed for a greater up and down percentage and lower golf scores. My ability to scramble has really increased my confidence when missing the green on approach shots; to such an extent that it is expanding into other areas of my game. And this is a good thing all around!

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Consistently Chipping The Ball Close

When I miss the green from time to time 😉 I have to rely on my chipping to keep my scores low. Unlike many players, I do not rely on just one club from 20 yards and closer. I have learned over the years that I need to used five different clubs, dependent on the situation, to successfully hit my ball within three feet. Believe me, over the years I have have dueled with the frustration monster, but it was worth every battle!

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