Chipping Tips to Break 90

Learning new skills can be a challenge in golf. The issue is identifying the challenge and devising a drill or fix to help lower your golf score. Recently, I tried changing my short game with little success and have reverted back to my old style of chipping. The techniques I use first helped me break 90 and as I continued to improve I was able to break 80. By building the core fundamentals of chipping, my game was taken to a new level.

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Chipping Tips That Improved My Golf Score

I am always on the lookout for any tip that will improve my golf score. It is important to open to new ideas in order to fully develop my game. However, I not flighty and will not change unless I am convinced it is for the better. Until recently, I considered my chipping from 25 yards or closer fairly solid. However, actually examining my success of getting up and down from that distance and realize I am not as sharp as I thought. It was time for a change to improve this area of my game. Continue reading