The One Golf Focus For 2022

With the new year one day old, I think it might be time to start laying out my goals for 2022. I have many standard ones that include fitness, swing mechanics and course management; yet I have decided to dedicate more time and focus in one particular area that I believe will garner me the most improvement. Through the years, I have dedicate a fair bit to time to this area, but this year I plan to focus over half my time to one specific area with a close second being putting.

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Keeping My Hands Quiet While Chipping

I cannot tell a lie. Sometimes, I purposely engage my wrists to apply extra spin on the ball with the intent of stopping the ball the faster. Of course this foolish attempt to place extra action on the ball usually ends in failure. Most of the time I end up flipping my wrists and my ball ends up short. Then I remind myself that I need to keep my hands quiet to ensure that my club does all the work and reap all the benefits.

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My Favourite Chip Shot

I have talked about chipping with my 7-iron many times in past posts. I often try to discuss what to do to make the magic happen, but may not have hit the nail on the head. That is until I found this video by Nick Faldo.

I have used this drill about hitting out to distance, but I never thought that hitting the ball backwards. It makes great sense and I will definitely be adding this drill to my list next spring. Until then, my search for great, simple and repeatable drills continues.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Chipping From Off The Green With Phil Mickelson

Arguably one of the best shot game players in golf history, Phil Mickelson continues to impart his short game wisdom to the masses. I like watching his teachings and although I do not always agree with his views, I respect his expertise. There is one short game tip that I whole hardily agree with and that is how to successfully chip from off the green. His chipping tip is definitely in line with my view on how to dramatically improve our short game and lower our golf scores.

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Conquering The Tight Lies In Golf

Hitting the ball up and down is a challenge that most golfers face multiple times a round. Because of its frequency, understanding how to hit tight lies is very important to keeping our scores low. A tight lie is defined by as “the golf ball is sitting with an eighth of an inch or less space beneath it, on a surface so firm you can’t take a normal divot.” This type of condition make it very hard to easily slide the leading edge of the club face evenly under the ball. Fortunately, I found on method used by Phil Mickelson that makes complete sense and it is easy to execute.

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