I am Out of The Club Championship

My second chance at winning the Club Championship is officially over. I played my second match on Friday and for the second time lost in the home stretch. As you may remember, Osprey Links runs stroke and net Match Play tournaments to determine the club champion and to award a parking spot. Unfortunately, I could not close the deal and I will have to wait until next year to throw my hat into the ring again.

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Overwhelmed By An Awesome Gesture!

I have a blessed life! The random support I receive from my friends is amazing and every once in a while I become overwhelmed. I talked about my local golfing buddies who marked their golf ball and sent me pictures. That was a good day!

On Friday, I received a surprising tweet from Mike Johnny from 36aday golf blog. (if you have not dropped by his site, I recommend you do) Mike and I found each other’s blog a few years back and subsequently met at the Toronto Golf show in 2016. We talk regularly online about golf and our conversations are always positive. Well, Mike’s tweet caught me by surprise as I was overwhelmed with gratitude.  Continue reading