Do You Roll Your Golf Ball?

Golf is a play it as it lies game. The rules are very specific about playing our golf ball down and absorbing the good and poor lies the golf course has to offer. This rule is critical in competitive matches, but is it really that important when playing a friendly match with your buddies? We play winter rules at the courses I play until mid June. The reason for this minor rule adjustment is because the golf courses in my region are waking from a long winters nap and need time to grow without excessive damage caused by playing out of new growth. Therefore, is rolling the ball a good idea or not?

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The Art Of Course Management

If you play golf and do not feel that course management is an important aspect of your game, then I suggest that you take another look. The art of course management is a simple, empowering approach to playing a golf course. Many players think it a complex exercise in fuzzy logic because they have not taken the time understand this simple process. My approach is very simple and you can adopt it instantly by following just three simple rules. If you decide to give my process a try, I think you will see an immediate drop in your golf scores!

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Walking Off The Golf Course!

I rarely walk off the golf course. However, every now and again I just get the feeling it is time to go. So, I pack up my clubs and off I go. If I am playing with someone, I wait until the end of the nine before making an excuse to leave. This is very rare for me to leave, but it does happen. Continue reading

Tossing the Ball on the Green

Putting and chipping are very personal skills in golf. I do not think any two players think, scrutinize or execute these shots in the same way. Over the years, I have used a simple drill that helped me judge the speed of the greens before I place a club in my hand. Within in 5 minutes, I have a very good understanding on how the ball will release, whether the greens are soft or hard, and if the greens are running true. Interested? Then keep reading. Continue reading