Changing Clubs In Your Golf Bag

Most golfers have a set of golf clubs that they use day in and day out regardless of the course they are playing. I definitely fall into this category. I do not see a reason to change my clubs to suit a golf course because I do not feel that I hit the clubs not in my bag any better than the ones I already hit. I guess my narrow view on this topic is shaped by the fact that I did/do not consider this a viable approach to my golf game. I am not entirely sure I will adopt strategy, but it is something worth a discussion.


Course Management: Picking The Proper Aim Line

If you research course management, most topics will discuss hitting to a distance and avoiding hazards. In most cases, course management is all about what you leave for your next shot. Of course, I subscribe to these concepts of course management, but I think there are other important aspects such as picking the proper aim line. Why is this important you may ask, well that is a great question and worth further analysis.

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Which Golf Game Is Showing Up Today?

On any given day, I could not tell you which of my golf games is going to show up. I expect that my normal game of five over is the baseline that should make an appearance. Unfortunately, I could not tell you whether I will shoot over that or under that on any given day. Sometimes the elation of a great start is slowly eroded by a few poor swings. On other days, just the opposite happens. I never know when these shifts will occur or why for the sudden change. It is frustrating, but all part of my golf journey.

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Learning Course Management Lessons From Other Golfers

Every round of golf has the potential to teach me a golf lesson. Whether it is in the area of swing mechanics, ball striking, club selection or course management, an observant golfer can learn something from their playing partners. In many cases, we do not understand the lesson until we face the situation ourselves, but the knowledge is there just waiting to bubble to the surface. These golf lessons are most prevalent in the area of course management. Watching other players navigate the round opens many doors to the possibilities of making a different shot to improve our score. For me it is all about being a student of the game.

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“Or An 8 Iron Bump And Run”

Every golf shot as a plethora of possibilities. I never observed any golf shot that only had one shot available to the player. There is always another option, it might not be a good one, but it is still an option. That is where the mix between course management and player ability cross. The trick is to choose the right shot for you and commit to playing it. Recently, I asked a question about a specific shot and not surprisingly, the responses were varied to meet the strengths of each player. The title of this article is a direct quote by Tony Ellis that sums up the possibilities for any golf shot.

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