Golf Tips From Magazines: Do They Really Work?

I subscribe to a major golf magazine and I am disappointed in the content. About half of the pages are advertisement (I understand the requirement) and about a quarter of what is left deals with topics, for the most part, I am not interested in. However, the last quarter of the magazine deals with tips and tricks on how to improve my golf game. I diligently read them, but find that are not very effective. I am not convinced I am receiving the value I expected from my magazine, but that is another discussion for another day; for now I wonder if the tips provided really work? Continue reading


My Biggest Fear on the Golf Course

As a golfer, we all that one fear in golf what usually creeps into our minds before we make the shot. It is not always there until that certain situation when it enters our thoughts faster than a bullet train. Mine is hitting a ball short into the sand or water on approach shots. I have worked on this fear for years, but of course there is a bit more to the story,  Continue reading

Is Routine Hurting Your Golf Scores

Talk to any serious golfer and they will tell you that routine is a large component of their game. Routine establishes a rhythm conducive to low scores. As a single digit player, I am in complete agreement with routine is a benefit to my game. However, routine for the sake of routine is not good for my game and actually hurts my ability to score low. Therefore, routine is a double-edged sword that is good and bad for my game. How can this be? Continue reading

Scramble Golf Tournament – Does Advice Help?

Most golfers play in scramble golf tournaments. In this multiple player event, the shooter is allowed to receive and give advice before the shot. Sometimes after much debate, no real decision on how to play the shot is reached, so the shooter swings away at what they think is the best. Sometimes it works and other times, not so much! Continue reading

Throwing Caution To The Wind

Kirk making an amazing shot out of a tough spot!

While playing golf, throwing caution to the wind is never a good strategy. Navigating the links takes thought and meticulous observation of the course conditions to score well. From the first time I tee it up to my final stroke, I zero in on the shot at hand. I stay focused for 4 hours and, in the end, I feel a sense of accomplishment that I achieved all my goals and left nothing on the course… Okay, wake up and grab your coffee! Of course, we all want the above to happen, yet it happens rarely. Now, for the real story! Continue reading