Second Guessing A Golf Shot

If you have golfed for any length of time, I am confident that you have second guessed one of your golf shots. We all do it and it is an important aspect of learning and improving our game. I have second guessed many decisions on the golf course and use many of my conclusions to build my future course management decisions. This process is a self-analytical method that helps my game; however, it is not at process I use to second guess another players actions.

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Dropping A Golf Hint To Yourself

Do you talk to yourself when playing golf? If you are like me, there are times when I have a whole conversation about my game in just six inches of real estate. Sometimes I am admonishing myself and others I am giving offering a pep talk. Before you start laughing at me, you know you all do it! And there are those rare moments when I drop a hint on how to play the next shot. Yes, dropping a hint is actually an important part of my game and I try to use it when the time right!

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Hitting The Safe Shot In Golf

We talk about course management a fair bit at The Grateful Golf because it is a sure fire way of saving strokes. There is ample opportunity for players to shave a point here or there during a round of golf just by hitting a safe shot. What exactly does this mean ‘hitting a safe shot”? I could hit my 7-iron for the entire round and hit nothing but safe shots, but that is not really what we are talking about is it? A safe shot is one that has a higher percentage of success WITH the added bonus of reducing your score. This means that our shot choices make a difference and always hitting the same club for distance regardless of position is definitely a way to turn a possible birdie into an annoying double!

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Playing Golf Is All About Making Decisions

Golf is a game that requires all players, regardless of skill level, to make hundreds of decisions over the course of one round. In some cases, the challenge of trying to decide on specifics causes paralysis. The indecision faced by many players is nothing new and even players with a low handicap, like myself, will see themselves in a position of not knowing how to play a shot. It is the nature of golf and something that should be embraced in order to feel successful. Accepting that control on the golf course is sometimes an illusion will help strengthen our mental capacity during any given round.

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Changing Clubs In Your Golf Bag

Most golfers have a set of golf clubs that they use day in and day out regardless of the course they are playing. I definitely fall into this category. I do not see a reason to change my clubs to suit a golf course because I do not feel that I hit the clubs not in my bag any better than the ones I already hit. I guess my narrow view on this topic is shaped by the fact that I did/do not consider this a viable approach to my golf game. I am not entirely sure I will adopt strategy, but it is something worth a discussion.