Terminology – How Confusing!

I love to visit golf  blogs.  I have a few favorites and I like to post comments on great articles.  Well the other day I was posting on MindfulGolfer.com regarding chipping and pitching.  Well, not paying attention or something (actually not enough coffee probably) I confused golfing terms.  I confused chipping and pitching.  So I thought I would write the definitions of these terms to make sure I am all squared away.  So here it goes:

Chip shot – a chip shot is generally a shot played around the green in which the player hits the ball into the air and rolls it forward towards the hole.  The distance the ball travels in the air depends on the distance the ball is from the hole.

Pitch shot – is played from 30-60 yards.  The ball goes high in the air with very little roll when the ball hits the green.  The idea is to stop the ball quickly close to or in the hole.

Bump and Run – the ball has very little height after contact and lots of roll.  It is generally used around the green in place of a chip shot.

More in-depth definitions can be found at About.com Golf.

The confusion occurred when I said I use my 7-iron for a pitch shot instead of chip shot or bump and run.  Needless to say, I confused my host.  I have clarified my remarks, but I realized how easy it is to confuse people when talking about golf.  So in the future, I am going to make sure I use the correct terminology when talking about golf, especially to people who may not know their meaning anyway.  I love learning new things!  I am a grateful golfer!