Choking Down On Your Golf Club

I have read many articles about choking down on a golf club to adjust distances to the green. This maneuver is often used in the professional rank and players who understand their normal yardages. I suppose it could be used by us regular players, but I think that just moving our hands without understanding what the results will be to the your ball’s distance and flight.

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Controlling The Distance With Your Wedges

Many golfers, including myself, refer to our wedges as the scoring clubs. It is with these short irons that will determine if we have a 3 foot or 30 foot putt. I spend a great deal of time practicing with my wedges and in the past decided to replace my 5 wood with a 60° wedge. It was a smart move for my game and it has helped me slowly lower my handicap. Understanding that wedges are critical to lower shooting lower golf scores, I am often asked about controlling my distance with each wedge. Well, my method is simple and it follows the guidance of Annika Sörenstam.

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Guessing the Distance Needed To Land My Chip

So, you are standing 15 yards off the green and the pin is short sided. You select your club and then have to figure out where to land the ball so it will release to the hole. It is a decision that we golfers make at least a dozen times a round (give or take a few). The trick is ‘do you have a process’ or do you just guess the distance?

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