When Your Round Of Golf Comes Crashing Down!

As I watched Chesson Hadley putt off the green on the 17th hole at the Waste Management Pheonix Open, I fought the urge to crawl up in a ball, lay in the corner and babble endlessly about nothing. We have all had bad holes and I can certainly relate to Hadley’s unfortunate results of turning a potential eagle into a double bogey! Unfortunately for amateurs, our damage would be in the four or five over, not just a double bogey. Continue reading

Golfing in a Haze

Playing Golf in a Haze is challenging at best. This is the 11th tee box at Roundel Glen Golf Course.

For years I have tried to be in the moment for every golf shot. I think it is important that being mindful lowers my golf scores. For the most part, this is entirely true; however, I remember playing one round when I felt like I was in a haze of despair and success. It was a memorable round that resulted in an even par round. Continue reading