Driving and Putting For Low Golf Scores

My golf season was wright with ups and downs; as most of us experience. Through the 80+rounds, my driver and putter were the best clubs in my bag. They were my great equalizers during most rounds and during the last round of the Coldwell Cup this week, they did not let me down. They were steady clubs that set up the rest of my game for success.

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Building a Prediction For The Masters

As the crescendo of excitement builds, the more discerning golfer is building their choice for the next green jacket. This is a difficult process and depending on your point of view, will include many factors that can be measured and others…..well, not so much. Before I announce my choice as the next Masters Champion, I thought I would share my selection process because it will help you understand how I reached my decision. Continue reading

Crushing The Ball Off The Tee

I am amazed at how far players are hitting their ball off the tee. I am not only talking about professionals, but amateurs as well. It seems that distance is the holy grail of golf and is what most players are focused on. I agree that distance can be a great equalizer, however it is not the end all for shooting low scores. It helps, but it is only one part of any great player’s game. Continue reading

Phase One Half Complete

Putting WoesA follow-up to my earlier post, Shooting to Make the Team, I completed the first of two aggregate rounds of golf to make our Base team.  Using some great advice from Brian at All About Golf and Pete from White Dragon Golf, I hit many fairways and greens and reminded myself to have fun.

As it turns out, I am leading the competition.  Of the 15 players trying out, I have a very strong lead that I should be able to maintain.  Although the conditions were windy and dry, I managed to keep my composure and record a reasonable score.  It is my belief that you can win and lose a two-day competition on the first day.

I struck the ball well.  I even poked a drive out 282 yards!  That is huge for me.  I hit 13 of 18 greens in regulation.  I had one penalty stroke for a ball in the water; I was hitting three from point of entry which resulted in my only double of the day.  So for the most part I struck the ball fairly well.

Where I struggled was putting!  I had 5 three putts to help make my total number of putts as 35!  I missed 3 putts under 3 feet.  Needless to say, I was not happy about that part of my game, but still managed to shoot 81.  So I bet you can guess what I am working on this week!  Ian Hardie’s Putting 101 is a good place to start.

I am one step closer to qualifying for the Regional Competition.  Day two of the Base Playdowns is next Tuesday.  Unless I do something really crazy, I will make the team.

I am a grateful golfer!  See you on the links!

Eagles Eagles Eagles

Eagles Greatest HitsWhat is cooler than getting an eagle!  Ok, a hole in one for sure……I know a double eagle!  But back to reality.  Eagles are a goal of mine every year.  I try to make five eagles every year.  Last year I only had three! But with my new driver and three wood, I hit the ball a bit longer so I am anticipating more opportunities to make eagle. I already had one opportunity this year and missed.

For shorter hitters like me (250 yards of the tee) eagle opportunities are difficult, however I have a plan!  On par 5s that I need a I great drive, I focus on smooth clean contact.  I do not over swing because I usually lose distance because something is out of sync.  Smooth and controlled is the way to go!

Next is my approach shot.  If I am not hitting my three wood, I use one more club than needed! Yup, that is my secret?  The reason is to make sure I swing smooth and controlled.  This type of swing ensures I stay on target and I have enough distance to actually reach the green.  Through the years, experience has shown that I have routinely under clubbed hitting into the green from 215 – 230 yards out.

Last trick is to sink the putt.  While putting, I hit the ball one foot past the hole; instead of six inches on a normal putt?  This extra strength on my putt ensures I do not leave my it short!  And we all know how much that sucks!

Well this is my plan to increase my eagles this year.  What do you think?

I am a grateful golfer!  See you on the links!