The Grateful Golfer 2017 Golf Plan

My 2017 golf plan is ready and I think it will move much closer to my goal of being a scratch golfer. Unlike last year, I will have specific milestones to reach and timelines in ensure I stay focused throughout the year.

I am planning to use the same process as previous years because it works very well for my game. It is not complicated and helps me identify the areas I need/want to improve. Except, I am going to take it a step further. I found out last year that but not having quantifiable goals, I did not maximize the golfing opportunities. This year this is all going to change. Continue reading

Golf and Patience

Grateful GolferGolf is a game that tests your patience every round. Regardless of how well, or poorly, you are playing, something always seems to happen that challenges your ‘zen’ state of calm. I have discussed the tale of two nines recently and experienced another round like that today.

I started off my round with a par on the first hole. Confidently, I walked to the second hole and as I strutted to tee box the wheels suddenly fell off! For the next 7 holes, I shot 3 doubles, 3 bogies and 1 par! I was 9 over after 8. I will admit that my ‘zen’ was gone and I was feeling quite frustrated. The main reason for my poor performance was my driver. I did not hit one fairway…..not one! I was in the rough quite a bit, but not on the short grass at all!

Ever the optimist, I told my playing partners that now was a good time to screw my head on straight and start playing golf. Well something amazing happened. I striped the ball down the fairway about 290 yards. It was by far the my longest drive of the year! Sitting just under 200 yards to the green (the ninth hole is a par 5), I stoked a smooth 4 hybrid to 8 feet! I was putting for eagle! As I lipped out the putt, I still felt a sense of relief that my game was not totally gone.

Playing the back nine was fun. I had 2 birdies, 3 bogies, and 4 pars. I shot even par for the last 10 holes! Additionally, I was putting for eagle on the 18th hole. It was very long, but I was still putting. The difference between the front and back nine was my improvement off the tee. Also, I caught a few lucky bounces, but overall my last 10 holes were pretty solid.

My final score was an 81. Not my best by far, but reasonable considering the roller-coaster round I played today. A golf lesson for us all would be that these games are very important. Sometimes in competition, players have to grind out a good score. Today was one of those days. Most of all, I had a fantastic time. Gratefully, the company was very good and that always helps turn my mood around when things go sour.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Eagles Eagles Eagles

Eagles Greatest HitsWhat is cooler than getting an eagle!  Ok, a hole in one for sure……I know a double eagle!  But back to reality.  Eagles are a goal of mine every year.  I try to make five eagles every year.  Last year I only had three! But with my new driver and three wood, I hit the ball a bit longer so I am anticipating more opportunities to make eagle. I already had one opportunity this year and missed.

For shorter hitters like me (250 yards of the tee) eagle opportunities are difficult, however I have a plan!  On par 5s that I need a I great drive, I focus on smooth clean contact.  I do not over swing because I usually lose distance because something is out of sync.  Smooth and controlled is the way to go!

Next is my approach shot.  If I am not hitting my three wood, I use one more club than needed! Yup, that is my secret?  The reason is to make sure I swing smooth and controlled.  This type of swing ensures I stay on target and I have enough distance to actually reach the green.  Through the years, experience has shown that I have routinely under clubbed hitting into the green from 215 – 230 yards out.

Last trick is to sink the putt.  While putting, I hit the ball one foot past the hole; instead of six inches on a normal putt?  This extra strength on my putt ensures I do not leave my it short!  And we all know how much that sucks!

Well this is my plan to increase my eagles this year.  What do you think?

I am a grateful golfer!  See you on the links!