Never Doubt You Have A Golf Game

One of the greatest challenges golfers face is their own self-doubt. It comes in many forms and “the can’ts” is one of the most challenging. Regardless of how the mental blockages to our game manifest, they cause us to doubt about all aspects of our game and adversely affect our golf scores. I have here to tell everyone that we should never doubt our golf game!

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Anticipation Will Mentally Challenge Your Golf Game

Everyone knows what it is like to patiently (not so patiently for some) for something to happen. Of course right now, the anticipation of the golf courses opening in my area is the biggest one. Yet, this really does not challenge my golf game, just my patience. Anticipation of making a pressure/winning shot is a smaller more focused act that will mentally challenge your golf game. How we respond to this emotional situation will make or break our round and unfortunately, most amateurs fall short!

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Are Golf Fans Getting Out of Control?

Justin Thomas was another of recent golf professionals who have had enough of boisterous fans stepping over the line. The slow increase in rowdiness by the gallery at golf tournaments is grating on some professionals and they are having fans removed. Unlike other sports like team football, hockey and baseball, golf is a supposed to be a gentlemen’s game where focused heckling should not be tolerated. Except for the 16th hole at the Waste Management Phoenix Open, fans are expected to maintain a certain level of decorum while on the course. On the weekend past, Justin Thomas felt that one fan had sprinted past that level. Hence, the fan went home early. Continue reading