Myth Busters: Steel Spikes Help Aerate Greens

I recently looked at data relating to steel spikes and why they are not used anymore. I always thought that these metal spikes helped aerate the green and as such aid in the health of the greens. Wondering why they disappeared, I figured that cost of production was the primary reason as shoe manufacturers needed (wanted) to increase their profit margin. It seems like a logical reason and regardless metal spikes are gone for the average amateur and soft spikes are in; at least until another change is deemed necessary.

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The Skills Required to Shoot Low Golf Scores

Is there one specific skill above all others to shoot low golf scores? Can this one magical shot be used to consistently empower your game to record your best score. I think that there is one shot that can help, but my experience tells me that relying on one specific shot is a recipe for disaster!

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Your Long Iron of Choice

Long irons are hard to hit! It is one part of my game that I always need to work on because of my ongoing inconsistency. A few years back, I wrote an article on the importance of long irons. It still applies today and is worth the read (in my opinion). However, I recently asked the question which was the long iron of choice and I have to say, I am not surprised by the results. Continue reading