How to Manage Your Golf Game

There is a new normal in my golf game for the next few months. After 21 days in the hospital receiving a stem cell transplant, it is time to focus on getting healthy and of course golf. As I move forward there is one factor I had not consider previous when making my back to the course plan: Energy! Yup, I underestimated the amount of energy it takes to do the simplest things. So, understanding my physical limitations, I now have to apply this new factor to my return to golf plan. Continue reading

Is it Time for a Slump?

Golf is exciting and challenging every time I hit the links. I never know what is going to happen and this is all part of the game. For me, this is all part of the draw of playing golf. Starting on 23 April, I have 22 games recorded for my handicap and at least 15+ other times on the links. That is a fair bit of golf in such a short time and it is about now in years past I entered into a mini slump. Continue reading